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    May 4, 1876

    Camp-meeting at Eagle Lake



    Sabbath afternoon, June 26, I had freedom in speaking to the people from Luke 19:41, 42. There was a solemn impression left upon the audience.RH May 4, 1876, par. 1

    We invited those who felt that they were not in favor with God, and those who had never professed our faith, and those who had backslidden from God, to come forward. About one hundred promptly responded to the call. Opportunity was given for all who felt burdened to relieve their feelings by saying a few words to the point.RH May 4, 1876, par. 2

    A sister said she felt that she needed the prayers of God's people. She had prayed the Lord to open the way for her to come to this meeting, that she might here seek God with all her heart. There was a very tender spirit in the congregation.RH May 4, 1876, par. 3

    A brother said he feared that we did not realize the sacred work in which we are engaged, and do not feel the necessity of making sure work for eternal life. The truth never looked brighter than today.RH May 4, 1876, par. 4

    A sister said she must have a stronger hold on God. She has led a praying life, but has not felt right. Her life has not been worthy of the name of Christian.RH May 4, 1876, par. 5

    A sister said she had done wrong. Nothing, as she now views it, has been good and right in her life. She wants her heart cleansed. She has been living in doubts and fears, and knows that she cannot honor God by such a life.RH May 4, 1876, par. 6

    A brother said he was laboring to find rest for his soul, but he does not feel free. He said that he had felt an antipathy to a certain brother. He begged his brother to give him his hand and forgive him for his feelings. This confession was well wet down with tears.RH May 4, 1876, par. 7

    A sister said she wanted a consecration to God. She had not devoted time to the study of the Bible and had not given time to the education of her children. There has not been a day that she has not said or done something which she afterwards regretted. She seemed to be overcome, and dropped upon her knees before God, weeping, confessing, and praying for the forgiveness of her sins. She confessed that she had been at times impatient with her family and fault-finding with her brethren and sisters.RH May 4, 1876, par. 8

    A sister said she desired to be a child of God. She sometimes felt thankful to God for his mercies, but she longed to get nearer to God, and wanted to feel more anxiety for her children. She wanted a conversion that would make her love sinners more. She thought if she came forward to ask the prayers of the servants of God, he would cause a deeper work in her heart, and she would receive strength to do the duties that God had left for her to do.RH May 4, 1876, par. 9

    A Danish sister said she had tried to serve the Lord, and wanted more of the Spirit of God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 10

    A brother confessed that he was a sinner, by coming forward to these seats. He wanted a deeper work of God in his heart. He came up to humble himself before God. Unfaithfulness he felt was written on all his works. He felt that he must have a pure conscience; for the pure alone shall see God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 11

    A brother said it had been only three months since he commenced to serve God and obey his commandments. He wanted to surrender all to God and love him with all his heart.RH May 4, 1876, par. 12

    A brother said he had made a profession of the truth, but he had never felt satisfied with his position. He felt that he must have a deeper work of grace in his heart. He wanted to get right here at this meeting. He must work from the foundation. The foundation must be sound. He must dig deep and lay it firmly upon the Rock. Unless the law of God was written in his heart he felt that he could never be saved, and hear from the lips of Christ, “Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”RH May 4, 1876, par. 13

    A brother had loved Christ one year, and he felt that the commandments of the Father are holy, just, and good. He felt that he was a most sinful being. He had much to hinder him. He wanted to give up all his sins. For the past few weeks he had had a deep conviction of sin. He felt with the brother who had spoken just before him that he must dig deep, get down to the very bottom of his iniquity, and root out every evil. He knew it was a trying time and a turning point in his life and experience. The law of God is exceedingly broad. The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul. This conversion he must experience in his life.RH May 4, 1876, par. 14

    A Dane spoke in his own tongue. Bro. Nelson interpreted his words. The brother said he had done many wrong things in his life, for which he was heartily sorry. He repented of his sins, and wanted to love Jesus with undivided affections and obey the commandments of God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 15

    A sister said she had been many years a professed Christian, but she was convinced from what she had heard at this meeting, that she must have a deeper work of grace in her heart. She came here, that she might have her strength renewed. She made a confession to her brethren and sisters of her neglect of duty. She wanted to be a whole-hearted, daily Christian. She wanted a thorough work of grace in her heart, that she might be a blessing to others.RH May 4, 1876, par. 16

    A sister said she came to this meeting to obtain the blessing of God. She was convicted of sin, and convinced that she has lived at a great distance from God. She has feared the cross of Christ. She loved the Lord's people and these truths. From a child she has had a love for the truth. The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus are precious to her. She wants to be a whole-hearted Christian and honor her Redeemer.RH May 4, 1876, par. 17

    A brother said he realized that he was in the presence of the all-seeing God. He knoweth all things. He knoweth our hearts better than we can know them ourselves. If he should deceive men he knew that it was impossible for him to deceive God. He had not knowingly wronged his neighbor. He wanted to realize the claims of God upon him, and to love God with all his heart, and his neighbor as himself. He was thankful that he came to this meeting. If he did not hear another word spoken, he could say that he is fully paid. He said he was determined to live more consecrated to God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 18

    A sister requested the prayers of God's servants for her husband. He came to the meeting, but because of dampness and wet, had to leave. He was a great sufferer from neuralgia. She felt that she must give herself anew to God, and hope continually in his salvation.RH May 4, 1876, par. 19

    A brother said he had for two years professed to keep the commandments of God. He confessed he had not fully lived out his holy profession. His friends said he was foolish to believe these things. He had come to the meeting to see what there was here. He thanked God for what he had felt. He wanted God and the leaders in this work to forgive him for his unbelief. He wanted to dig deep around his own heart. He wanted his life spared a little longer, that he might get right. He hoped all his friends would forgive him his wrong doing. Oh! said he, how shall we feel when professedly keeping the commandments of God to find out that we are transgressors of the law? He said that he was convinced by the law of God that he was a sinner.RH May 4, 1876, par. 20

    A sister said that she has received some tokens from God that she is indeed a child of his.RH May 4, 1876, par. 21

    A brother said he came forward to confess his sins. He was convicted that he was a transgressor of the commandments. He feels that he must without delay identify himself with God's commandment-keeping people. His friends are astonished to think he has commenced to keep the Sabbath. He feels thankful for the publication of tracts and especially for the Voice of Truth.RH May 4, 1876, par. 22

    A brother felt guilty that he had not lived up to the light, and will try to walk in the light henceforth as Christ is in the light.RH May 4, 1876, par. 23

    A brother thinks that some may look upon this movement of his in coming forward, as a strange thing after professing to be a Christian for forty years. But he has promised to crucify the old man with his deeds. His children had come to accountability, and he felt to repent before God that he had not set the example before them that he should. He wanted to know from day to day that he is doing the will of God, and to so live before his family and the world that they may know that he is one of the family of God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 24

    A sister said she once enjoyed the blessing of God, but she had got into a fretful way with her family. She wanted to do her duty to her little boys, that they might see that their mother had true love for them. She wanted to be strengthened of God, that she might do her duty to her family and the world. Time is short, and she felt that we must get deep at the root of the work. She asked forgiveness of her friends, that she had not given them a better example in her life. She prayed God to forgive her for her lack of love to him.RH May 4, 1876, par. 25

    A sister said she wanted to get nearer to God. She did not want to be found following the fashions of this world.RH May 4, 1876, par. 26

    A Danish sister said there were many things which must be done away with in her heart. She did not want to profess the truth and deny it in her life. She asked forgiveness, that she has sinned by her coldness. She wanted to feel the Spirit of God uniting with her spirit, that she could daily have the evidence that she was indeed a child of God. She did not feel that she could say today that she was a child of God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 27

    A brother said he wanted to be deeply interested in the work of salvation. The present truth, had searched his heart. He felt that he must have the grace of God in his heart. He had been a Methodist for forty years. About one year ago, when he began to keep the commandments of God, charges were made against him, and he was turned out of the church. He felt that he wanted to be a thoroughly converted man. He knew not how soon his case might be brought in review before God. He must have a blameless life, a faultless character.RH May 4, 1876, par. 28

    A brother said he had been keeping the commandments of God for six months. He felt that he needed a deeper work of grace in his heart. The truth is indeed precious to him; he had never realized the sinfulness of sin until he had seen the light in regard to the law of God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 29

    A Norwegian sister said she has just come out to keep the commandments of God. A few obey the truth. They have meetings, and the Lord meets with them. She wanted more of the grace of God—to be brought into greater nearness to him and to be humble. If she had grieved any of her brethren because of her course, she asked forgiveness. She did not want to be merely half right, but just right.RH May 4, 1876, par. 30

    A brother one year and a half ago was on the wrong track. He was ashamed to say he was a Sabbath-breaker, but now he wanted to be a Christian commandment-keeper.RH May 4, 1876, par. 31

    A brother said he was not satisfied with his condition. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like. We must be all right, sanctified through the truth. A Christian will bear the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy, and peace. He was frequently overcome by an impatient spirit. He felt that he must overcome this; for he did not believe a fretful Christian would get into Heaven. He had made solemn vows to God before he came on the ground. He felt that he must pray much. We are too near the end to be trifling with eternal interests. The pure in heart alone shall see God. He must be a Bible Christian.RH May 4, 1876, par. 32

    A brother said he wanted to get all right. He felt that this was the day and the hour of salvation. He has been for twenty years keeping the Sabbath, yet he is not satisfied with his present attainments. He wanted complete victory over every sin and over everything that offends the Lord.RH May 4, 1876, par. 33

    A little child said she wanted to be good and go to Heaven.RH May 4, 1876, par. 34

    A sister confessed that it is very humbling to acknowledge that while she has been trying to live a Christian life she has not walked before her family as she ought. She has at times been impatient, and feared that this sin would keep her out of Heaven. She wanted to be an overcomer. She knew her besetting sin to be impatience. This grieves the Spirit of God and brings darkness to her soul.RH May 4, 1876, par. 35

    A brother said he resolved a few weeks ago to keep all of God's commandments. He wanted to take hold of the work anew and commence at the foundation. If he had wronged any one he asked to be forgiven.RH May 4, 1876, par. 36

    A brother had been striving to keep the commandments of God one year. He wanted to be a perfect overcomer.RH May 4, 1876, par. 37

    A brother said he felt that he needed a deeper work of grace, that he might perfect a Christian character and walk before his family and before God with acceptance.RH May 4, 1876, par. 38

    A brother said he had followed the Lord for one year. He wanted from this time to strive more earnestly for eternal life.RH May 4, 1876, par. 39

    A sister said it had been only five months since she commenced to keep all of God's commandments. She thanked God that she had the help and example of a good mother.RH May 4, 1876, par. 40

    A brother said he belongs to the church at Grove Lake. The truth found him steeped in tobacco. He had at times used a little when his brethren did not know it. He kept it secret from them, but he could not carry this burden any longer. He confessed that he had indulged his appetite to his injury; he is decided now to put it entirely away, and forever.RH May 4, 1876, par. 41

    A brother wanted a deeper work of grace in his heart. He had professed to serve God, and came out in the truth about one year ago, but he was not willing to yield all. He wanted to make an entire surrender to God on this camp-ground.RH May 4, 1876, par. 42

    A brother said he was naturally irritable, and he had been thus in his family. He wanted to set a better example before his family, that they might be brought into the truth.RH May 4, 1876, par. 43

    A sister said she thought if we would set a right example before our children, they would grow up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.RH May 4, 1876, par. 44

    A sister said she felt herself to be a great sinner. She had not had patience toward her children. She felt that great responsibilities rest upon parents. The blood of our children will be required at our hands unless we are more faithful to do our duty to them.RH May 4, 1876, par. 45

    A brother said he was not a member of our denomination. He has not been a member of any denomination. For the last twenty years he had been floating about, feeling perfectly safe until three months ago. He had been reading our publications, and investigating. He never heard a sermon until yesterday. He was searching for himself. Since being at this meeting, he saw things in a different light. He wanted truth. He thought he had a right to know something for himself. He came seventy-five miles to become acquainted with this people. He wanted to know what he is, and what he must be in order to be saved. He should not have come seventy-five miles if he had not had an interest to obtain light and truth. He believed that he had heard the truth, and he would take hold upon it, and walk in its light.RH May 4, 1876, par. 46

    A brother said his course was onward. He wanted to enjoy the presence of God, he wanted to get in a position to work. He had been cheered up a little since he came to this meeting. He found there were Sabbath-keepers within five miles of him who have been keeping the Sabbath two months. He was one year ahead of them. He hoped to see brighter days.RH May 4, 1876, par. 47

    A sister said she had five children in the grave. She wanted to live a consecrated life before God, and gain Heaven.RH May 4, 1876, par. 48

    A brother said he loved Jesus, he loved the blessed truth. He had been much blessed since he came to the camp-meeting.RH May 4, 1876, par. 49

    A brother said he was ashamed to occupy the seat as a sinner after professing to follow Jesus twenty-six years. He ought to be telling of victories and triumphs. He came to the camp-meeting determined to seek God with all his heart. He had for a time back been drifting away from God, and he had not had the assurance of his acceptance with God. He had been blessed since he came upon the ground.RH May 4, 1876, par. 50

    A brother thanked God for the privilege he has had of attending this meeting. He would strive to live near to God. He had not been satisfied with himself at all. He must draw near to God and have more love in his heart.RH May 4, 1876, par. 51

    A brother said he had been practicing self-denial. He had wanted to speak but felt great disinclination. He thought he ought to love his neighbor as himself. He was a member of the Methodist church for four years. He had been a believer in the Advent faith ten years, and had been keeping the Sabbath one year. He had a desire to keep all the commandments of God. He could not say that his life had been acceptable with God. He did not feel discouraged, and had tried to give himself wholly away to God today, trusting in his mercy. Since 1844 he had not felt that the last day was far distant, as many of the church had done. In his youth the Methodists used to preach the near coming of Christ, but those days are past in the popular churches. The cry has gone forth, “Be ye also ready.” It was not the wise or great men of earth whom Jesus called to be co-workers with him, but poor fishermen. He hideth these things from the wise and prudent and revealeth them unto babes. He wanted the prayers of the servants of God for his family. They did not oppose him, but they had not yet embraced the truth. He would be glad to meet them in the kingdom.RH May 4, 1876, par. 52

    A brother felt that he was drifting away from the Lord. He wanted to get where the Lord desired him to be, and where he could have pleasure in daily communion with him.RH May 4, 1876, par. 53

    A sister, six years ago, started to keep the Sabbath, has no family or acquaintance in the truth. She has felt the blessing of God, but for some reason a season of darkness has come over her, and she scarcely knows which way to turn. She knows what the love of God in the heart is, and wants to realize his love again.RH May 4, 1876, par. 54

    A brother wants to signify his willingness to have God's people pray for him. Darkness has come over him and he feels sad on his own account. He must have the darkness driven away. His sins are great, and he has gone as far as it is possible for him to go. He wants to realize the blessed hope that has been pictured out before him today. He wants to be an overcomer.RH May 4, 1876, par. 55

    A brother promised if the Lord would bless him he would live a better Christian life. He feels that he must take up the cross. He asks his brethren to watch and see if he keeps his promise, and to pray for him, that he may have strength to do his whole duty.RH May 4, 1876, par. 56

    A brother says he praises the name of the Lord that he has been blessed on the camp-ground.RH May 4, 1876, par. 57

    A Swedish sister wants to press forward. She wants to have her sins forgiven. She wants the grace of God, to live a holy life hereafter.RH May 4, 1876, par. 58

    A brother says he has neglected prayer because of discouragement. He has neglected duty and lacked faith in God. As he has moved forward the cloud has been lifted and he feels the necessity of his heart being made pure and clean before God. He feels like beginning anew to serve God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 59

    A brother has been one year and a half keeping the commandments of God. He has found it good to obey the Lord. “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” He means never to turn back. He knows that there is a great chance for improvement. He must have the grace of God in his heart, and resist lukewarmness which presses upon him.RH May 4, 1876, par. 60

    A sister, weeping bitterly, says she wants to have her sins forgiven.RH May 4, 1876, par. 61

    A Swedish sister says the Lord has been very good to her. She loves Jesus. She loves the law of God; in keeping his commandments she has found great peace.RH May 4, 1876, par. 62

    A brother had been twelve years in the Baptist church. Three years ago he began to read his Bible and study it, and God gave him light. He saw the Sabbath in the word of God, and commenced keeping it; found rest and peace in the love of Christ and in obedience to the law of God.RH May 4, 1876, par. 63

    My husband then spoke a few words to those who were seeking the Lord. He said that many had been very much discouraged by the wrong views taken of God. They seek him with doubt and fear. Their hearts murmur, “I am not sure that he will forgive me.” They look upon God the Father as a being of stern majesty and justice, devoid of sympathy and love. “He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not, with him, freely give us all things?” “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Is not the gift of Christ a pledge of the Father's love for sinners? I would say unto you who have come forward here, The Father loves you.RH May 4, 1876, par. 64

    In the popular churches, we hear but little except, “Do you love Jesus?” The love of the Father is scarcely mentioned; it is only Christ, Christ. God the Father has given unto man the greatest gift that Heaven held. “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.” I believe that the heart of the great God is touched and moved by the condition of sinners today, as when he gave his Son to die for the sins of the world. Christ says, “I and my Father are one.” Sinners and backsliders, it is your duty to believe that God loves you this day, and that Christ loves you. The Redeemer of the world made a great sacrifice to purchase for you life everlasting. Can you now say,RH May 4, 1876, par. 65

    “Here on my heart the burden lies,
    And past offenses pain my eyes?”
    RH May 4, 1876, par. 66

    The Father has given a pledge to sinners, in that he withheld not his dearly beloved Son, but gave him a sacrifice for them. Christ has given the pledge of his love to sinners, in that he gave his life to save them. If the Father has manifested his love for sinners by giving his only son, will he not freely give every mercy and blessing? On account of disease, or surrounding discouragements, some drift into despair, and gloom overshadows them. From this they may find entire freedom, and again become hopeful and expectant to overcome. The thought that Jesus loves them, pure angels love them, and our gracious Heavenly Father loves, pities and wants to save them, should inspire them with faith and confidence in God. The Father takes no pleasure in the death of the sinner, but he wants him to repent of his sins and turn to righteousness and be saved. When the sinner desires the approval of the Lord more than any thing else, and is willing to make any and every sacrifice for the love of Jesus, he may settle it in his mind as a fact that, if he perseveres, he will stand finally in the city of God upon the gold-paved streets.RH May 4, 1876, par. 67

    Go forward in faith, you that have taken your position upon these front seats, and thereby acknowledge your desire to serve your Heavenly Father. Expect that you will be saved, if you comply with the conditions laid down in the word of God. Take advance steps in faith. Make efforts in and through Jesus, relying upon the merits of his blood. You must have repentance toward God, because it is the Father's law which you have transgressed; and you must exercise faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as the sinner's advocate, to plead in his behalf. Come, sinner, to the Father and the Son! All Heaven invites you to come and gain eternal life.RH May 4, 1876, par. 68

    Jesus wants you to come. If you stumble once and again, do not give up in despair. If you are brought into trial, if you are overcome and do wrong, repent sincerely before God, but do not despair. Try again, laying hold more firmly of the merits and strength of Christ. When sinful man has no righteousness of his own to rely upon, Christ becomes his righteousness. When he feels that he has no strength, Jesus offers to put his arm beneath him. The sinner may then indeed say, Christ died for me, and his blood cleanseth me from all sin. I know in whom I have believed; from him I derive strength for the daily toils and trials of life and to resist the strong temptations of Satan.RH May 4, 1876, par. 69

    When our son Henry was dying he seemed as if inspired. He had a word for all just appropriate for each case. With the Spirit of God resting upon him, he said to his next younger brother, “Don't give up, try to do right.” How many will sink down because they make some mistakes. They should never be discouraged, but try again. Under trials and discouragements many lose their faith. Jesus wants to save them. His arms are extended to receive them, and all their burdens if they will come. We hope your hearts will go out to Jesus in loving trust. He will then unite your heart to his by mysterious hidden links joining your soul to his. “He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit.”RH May 4, 1876, par. 70

    We then united in earnest supplication to God for his Spirit and his pardoning love to be manifested upon that occasion. We had the assurance that our prayers were heard. The sweet peace of Heaven rested upon those present, and many were rejoicing in the evidence that Jesus had indeed spoken peace to their hearts.RH May 4, 1876, par. 71

    (Concluded next week.)

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