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    No. 15, NOVEMBER 1893.



    271 W. Main St., Batt le Creek, Mich.
    185 Dearborn St, Room 7, Chicago, Ill.
    43 Bond St. New York.
    12th and Castro Sts. Oakland, Cal.
    23 Early St. Chattanooga, Tenn.
    59 Paternoster Row, London, Eng.
    N. Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia (Care of Echo Pub. Co.).
    28 A Roeland St., Cape Town, S. Africa.
    20 Melbourne Ave., Toronto, Ont.
    18 West 5th St., Kansas City, Mo.

    Entered at the Post-office in Battle Creek, Mich.


    A monthly publication (with occasional extras) published by the International Religious Liberty Association. The following have been issued:—RCPKS 2.1

    No. 1. Due Process of Law and the Divine Right of Dissent. An interesting and instructive work upon the “Process of Law,” “Christianity and the Common Law,” “Individual Right of Religious Belief,” “The Divine Right of Dissent,” etc., in review of Judge Hammond’s decision in the King case. By A. T. Jones. 120 pages. Price 15 cts.RCPKS 2.2

    No. 2. Religious Intolerance in the Republic. A lucid and vivid portrayal of recent persecutions in Tennessee, written by the editor of the Arena. 16 pages. Price 2 cts.RCPKS 2.3

    No. 3. Church and State. A timely document upon the origin of Church and State union with the arguments and excuses for Sunday laws, laws exempting Church property from taxation, laws against blasphemy, religious tests, etc., all well considered. By James T. Ringgold, of the Baltimore Bar. 60 pages. Price 10 cts.RCPKS 2.4

    No. 4. The National Sunday Law. Arguments in behalf of the rights of American citizens, presented by A. T. Jones in opposition to the Blair Sunday-rest Bill. A thorough catechism upon the subject of Church and State. 192 pages. Price 25 cts.RCPKS 2.5

    No. 5. Sunday Laws in the United States. Their groundlessness and unconstitutionality exposed. By James T. Ringgold. 24 pages. Price 3 cts.RCPKS 2.6

    No 6. The Captivity of the Republic. A Report of the Hearing on the Sunday Closing of the World’s Fair, before the House Committee on Columbian Exposition, Jan. 10-13,1893. 128 pages. Price 15 cts.RCPKS 2.7

    No. 7. Appeal and Remonstrance. Resolutions adopted by the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists, Feb. 24, 1893, with documentary evidence attached. 24pages. Price 3 cts.RCPKS 2.8

    No. 8. Appeal from the U. S. Supreme Court Decision Making this a “Christian Nation.” A Protest. A review of the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States,declaring that “this is a Christian nation;” a powerful protest against the union of church and State involved in this decision; also the subsequent act of Congress closing the World’s Fair on Sunday, and how it was secured. The work contains the text, in full,of this remarkable decision of the U. S. Supreme Court. By A. T. Jones, Editor American Sentinel, New York City. 86 pages. Price 15 cts.RCPKS 2.9

    No. 9. Shall Religion be Taught in the Public Schools? A lucid exposition of both the unconstitutionality and impracticability of connecting religion with our public school educational system. 12 pages. Price 2 cts.RCPKS 2.10

    No. 10. Religious Liberty and the Mormon Question. Is the Prohibition of Polygamy Religious Legislation? 20 pp. Price 2 1/2 cts.RCPKS 2.11

    No. 11. The “Civil Sabbath;” or Disguised Religious Legislation. Sabbath laws shownto be religious and only religious. 12 pages. Price 1 cts.RCPKS 2.12

    No. 12. The Columbian Year, and the Meaning of the Four Centuries. An address delivered by Alonzo T. Jones, on Columbus Day, 1892. Revised to date. 44 pages.Price 5 1/2 cts.RCPKS 2.13

    No. 13. The Limits of Civil Authority, from the standpoint of natural rights and divine obligation. 12 pages. Price 1 1/2 cts.RCPKS 2.14

    No. 14. Christ and the Sabbath. A study of the spiritual nature of the Sabbath and of what Sabbath-keeping really is, showing the impossibility of its enforcement by civil law. 40 pages. Price cts.RCPKS 2.15

    No. 15. Rome’s Challenge: Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday? A reprint of a series of articles which appeared recently in the Catholic Mirror, the official organ of the papacy in the United States, in which Protestants are sharply arraigned on account of the absurdity of their position with reference to the Sunday institution, with copious notes by A. T. Jones, editor of the American Sentinel. 40 pages. Price cts.RCPKS 2.16

    No. 16. Our Answer: Why do Seventh-day Adventists Suffer Imprisonment Rather Than Keep Sunday? A brief, historical, scriptural presentation of the Sabbath—the sign of loyalty to God—and Sunday—the sign of loyalty to the Roman Catholic Church. “It should be translated into every language, and placed in the hands of every person on the earth.” —A. T. Jones, Editor American Sentinel. 12 pages. Price, 1 cts.RCPKS 2.17

    No. 17. Scriptural Relation of Religion and the State. A scriptural presentation of the principles upon which the proper relation of religion and the State is based, substantiated by facts of history. 80 pp. Price, 10 cts.RCPKS 2.18

    No. 18. Christ and the Pharisees; or, Christ’s Faithfulness in Sabbath-keeping.—A striking parallel between the time of Christ and our day, showing that as Christ was persecuted and even put to death for his faithfulness in keeping the Sabbath according to God’s idea, so in our day those who keep God’s Sabbath—the seventh day are being and will continue to be persecuted for the same thing and for the same reasons. 40 pp.Price, 5 cts.RCPKS 2.19

    Annual subscription to the Library, $1. Liberal discounts on any of the numbers in quantities and to the trade.RCPKS 2.20

    Address any one of the offices named on first page of cover.RCPKS 2.21

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