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Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3), Page 260

Chapter 22—(1884) The Eastern Camp Meetings and D. M. Canright

Not until her work on The Great Controversy was past the point that her attention might be needed did Ellen White consent to even consider the invitations for her to attend the later Eastern camp meetings. Many hearts rejoiced when they read on the back page of the July 22, 1884, Review:

Good News for the Eastern Camp Meetings.

Sunday morning, the twentieth, we received the gratifying intelligence by telegram that Sister White will attend the Eastern camp meetings, beginning with New York, August 14.

With Mrs. McOmber as a traveling companion, Ellen White set out in early August for the East. She spent a few days at the Iowa camp meeting, followed by meetings in New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont. On Tuesday, September 9, she arrived in Portland, Maine, for the camp meeting in her old home city.

Back Home in Portland, Maine

Tuesday evening, September 9, Ellen White, accompanied by Mrs. McOmber, was in Portland for the Maine camp meeting already in progress. Wednesday, they drove twelve miles to Gorham to visit Ellen's sister, an invalid who had suffered from rheumatism for six years. Her sister was not well, but there was nothing Ellen could do but have prayer with her and leave her in God's hands. Afterward she visited some old landmarks.

I visited localities of special interest in connection with my

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