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Ellen G. White: The Lonely Years: 1876-1891 (vol. 3), Page 48

Chapter 4—(1876-1877) A Winter of Writing and Publishing

The fourteen 1876 camp meetings over, in early October James and Ellen White returned to Battle Creek, staying at the home of William and Jenny Ings. Mary helped in getting out the volume on the life of Christ, Spirit of Prophecy, volume 2. As they rallied from the incessant camp meeting labor, they began to plan for the return to the Pacific Coast, but first they had the job of hastening the book through the press.

Ellen White's October 19 letter to William and Mary in Oakland was devoted largely to plans for writing and publishing. C.W. Stone, newly elected managing editor of the Review and Herald, reported:

Sister White is keeping all hands busy with her pen, and Brother White is hard at work several hours each day in arranging the manuscript [for Spirit of Prophecy, volume 2] for publication in a book, and at the same time selecting portions of it to be printed in several pamphlets [Redemption series]. The presses are kept busy. Everybody here has enough to do, and God blesses in doing His work. He sustains His servants in their arduous labors wonderfully.—Ibid., November 9, 1876

Writing from Battle Creek on October 26, Ellen declared:

We are in the very worst drive and hurry getting off my volume two, Spirit of Prophecy. Three new forms are already printed. If we remain here four weeks longer we shall have the book completed, and removed from my mind great burden of care....

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