Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 160

not prepared to do this yet. It feels very uncomfortable and it may have to be taken out.

Brother Matteson, Willie, Sarah, and I walk to the large and beautiful building of the Panopticon. Here are the great men of the kingdom in wax life-like figures. They appear exactly as if alive. We saw the king of Denmark and his wife, the princess, the prince of Wales and his wife. She is a very beautiful woman, the daughter of the king of Denmark. The king of Norway and his wife both are noble-looking, especially the king. The view was much better than to have seen them in life. All the historic men were dressed exactly as was the custom of their day and time. It seemed difficult to think that these were not living, breathing human beings before us. The expression of the eye and the countenance seemed so perfectly natural....

The city is extensive. It has broad streets which give plenty of room without crowding, large open spaces, ample grounds around large buildings. It is a curious sight to see ships standing in the inlet of water, crowded as thick as possible—many loaded with produce, vegetables and fruit—and on either side of this water crowded with ships are large mercantile buildings, in solid blocks. I never saw anything to resemble Copenhagen. To all intents and purposes the ships look as though they compose a part of the city....

Copenhagen, Wednesday, October 14, 1885—It is foggy this morning, but think it will clear away. Last night I spoke in the hall to all that it would seat. They listened with interest. My text was Psalm 16:8, 9. I had much freedom in speaking.—Manuscript 25, 1885, 3, 5-9. (“First Visit to Denmark,” diary, October 6-14, 1885.)

Released May 11, 1972

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