Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 201

it [to] me. The work of the Lord is going on. Souls are coming into the truth and soon the work will be all done.

Keep up good courage, hope in God, let nothing weight thee down. We have the truth, we know it; praise the Lord.

I saw yesterday our work was not to the shepherds who have rejected the former messages but to the honest deceived who are led astray. I saw the shepherds would soon be fed with judgment. Let the truth come out everywhere we go, the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord our God.—Letter 24, 1850, p. 1. (To Brother and Sister Hastings, January 11, 1850.)

I saw Satan had worked through her [Sister A's mother] effectually to bind God's children. When one had attempted to make an effort to rise and get the victory, the rest were like loadstones to drag him down. I saw you should rise together and unitedly get the victory over the powers of darkness and sing and shout to the glory of God. I saw that we are the only people upon earth from whom God is to get glory, and if we should hold our peace the very stones would cry out, for God must receive glory from some of those who dwell upon the earth. The only company who can praise and honor God, I saw, are those who are keeping the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.—Manuscript 5a, 1850, p. 1. (General manuscript, July, 1850.)

God's people are rising, said the angel, never to fall again. Be careful, said the angel, lest the branches be cut off and others are raised up in their stead. I saw that some would bear fruit and work to the glory of God. I saw we must keep close to Jesus and fast and pray if we could not get

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