Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 278

brethren. Will the Lord's messenger bear the pressure brought against him? ...

Should the Lord's messengers, after standing manfully for the truth for a time, fall under temptation, and dishonor Him who has given them their work, will that be proof that the message is not true? No, because the Bible is true.—Letter 19d, 1892, pp. 7, 9. (To O. A. Olsen, September 1, 1892.)

We have failed, decidedly failed, in allowing so much to be done in one place. Everything is not to be brought under the control of one institution. Such an effort, carried out, results in placing an open door of temptation before the man at the head of the principal institution.—Letter 190, 1903, p. 2. (To Elder A. G. Daniells, August 27, 1903.)

When Dr. Kellogg receives the messages of warning given during the past twenty years; when he is sincerely converted; when he acts as a consistent, level-headed Christian worker; when his energies are devoted to carrying forward medical missionary work after the methods and in the Spirit of Christ; when he bears a testimony that has in it no signs of double meaning or of misconstruction of the light God has given, then we may have confidence that he is following the light....

This subject has been kept before me for the past twenty years, yea, for more than twenty years. Before my husband's death, Dr. Kellogg came to my room to tell me that he had great light. He sat down and told me what it was. It was similar to some of the views that he has presented in Living

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