Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 441

MR No. 342—A. R. Henry and Lawsuits

While I respect ... your capabilities as a businessman, which led me to urge your coming to the great heart of the work in Battle Creek, I still shall urge that you may in some respects greatly improve. I know that this coming was not your choice, yet notwithstanding, God had lessons for you to learn that were essential. You need a different mould of character. There is need of your bringing into your character more of Christ.... You need the love of Christ. The winning charms of Jesus. Compassion, tenderness, and love need to be cultivated. This will not make you a less successful businessman but will give you greater success. You have valuable traits of character, but without this love, this compassion, you will only be a one-sided, imperfect man.

If all your intrusted capabilities are submerged in Christ and you take on the mould of Christ's character, you will grow up into the full stature of a perfect man in Christ Jesus. You need this love in your family. You need it woven into all your plans, and into all your words and actions. You need to be often tender and express sympathy but there is none allowed to come into your life....

Carry sunshine into your home, restrain threatenings, put away your criticism, and do not rule too much. Let mercy and love bear sway. Do not cover these up. Oh, my brother, you want more of Jesus in dealing with the minds of your children. You are so stern, so severe; the law of love is so little regarded that in dealing with your wife and children you raise their combativeness and place them beyond your reach. There should be altogether a

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