Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 5 [Nos. 260-346], Page 68

they see the good work we do on these lines, their prejudice will be removed in a large measure, and their hearts will be open for more. Then we should not present the Sabbath, but let us present Christ. What if they should begin to oppose you and say, Oh, that's a Seventh-day Adventist?—Lift Christ up higher and still higher. It means a great deal to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

The world is not to be condemned until after they have the light. We must tell them the simple story of conversion. The people are to be pitied, and we want to soften them so that the Spirit of the Lord can mold them. They have been receiving false ideas. If we come close to them, and show them the love of Christ, we can do much more for them....

Question: Would it not be as well for us to present principles rather than dwell upon what the governments will do?

We have nothing to do with the government's actions. It is our duty to obey God, and when they arrest you, take no thought what you shall do. What you are to do is to follow Christ step by step. We need not commence weeks beforehand to examine the question and plan out what we will do when they do so and so, neither what we are to say. Study the truth, and the Spirit of the Lord will bring to your remembrance what you shall say.

The light given me is that in our meetings the speakers should keep a reserve force, so that when the enemy begins to work, we need not resort to strange fire, become combative, and kind of throw the sword. We may thus betray the cause just at the very point where victory is ours. If we should let loose of Jesus and take up our own spirit, it may take months, or perhaps years to counteract that one wrong move. Unless many of us are

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