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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 139

Chapter 11—Bearer of Messages of Encouragement and Reproof

Ellen White was a much-sought-after speaker not only for Sabbath-morning church worship services but also for special occasions marking church advance. As the time approached for the opening of the new hospital building at nearby St. Helena Sanitarium, she was asked to present the dedicatory address. She had been aware of its construction but had not seen the building, a four-story frame structure erected on land she had once owned adjacent to the Sanitarium. Only by a vision given to her twenty-four years earlier was the building site preserved for use when the hospital was needed. Here is the story:

The Building Site Preserved by a Vision

The first few years of the “Rural Health Retreat,” as the Sanitarium was first known, were difficult ones. William Pratt, who in 1878 had given the land for the institution, thought it would be helpful if a little Adventist community could be built up around it. He reasoned that by persuading some Adventist families in San Francisco and elsewhere to come and build their own homes, this could be accomplished. But perched as it was on the side of Howell Mountain, in close proximity to the bounteous Crystal Spring, there was not much room for homes.

He offered a half-acre of land to each Adventist who would come and build. Zack Thorp, a carpenter in San Francisco, accepted, and built a modest home on a beautiful site near the Retreat. So did Elder St. John. Then Pratt approached Ellen White, who was living near the college in Healdsburg. She told Pratt she wanted to think about

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