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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 22

Chapter 2—Meeting the Payments on Loma Linda

Although official action had been taken by the constituency of the Southern California Conference to buy Loma Linda and operate a sanitarium, officers of the conference saw little light in following through. Of the attitude of the conference president, Ellen White wrote to Elder Burden on June 25, 1905:

I hope that Brother—will move understandingly in reference to the sanitariums already in operation [Paradise Valley and Glendale] and also in regard to the new sanitarium [Loma Linda]....

Do not be discouraged if in any wise there is some cutting across of your plans, and if you are somewhat hindered. But I hope that we shall never again have to meet the hindrance that we have met in the past because of the way in which things have been conducted in some lines in southern California.

I have seen the hold-back principles followed, and I have seen the displeasure of the Lord because of this. If the same spirit is manifested, I shall not consent to keep silent as I have done.—Letter 161, 1905.

But as the days came and went, there was the nagging question: Where would the $5,000 come from for the July 26 payment?

Ellen White, in fulfillment of her promise, was endeavoring to raise money. But there were no immediate responses. One course seemed to offer the promise of relief—selling some of the land. It was proposed that thirty-eight acres could be retained for the

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