Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White: The Later Elmshaven Years: 1905-1915 (vol. 6), Page 449

Appendix A

A. G. Daniells’ March 15, 1910, Letter to the Former Pacific Union Conference President

I received my first report of the pacific union conference just as I was leaving keene, Texas, for Battle Creek to attend the Lake Union Conference. I meant to drop you a line at once, but the meeting at Battle Creek kept me so busy that I could not sit down and write you as I wanted to. Then came the Northern Union Meeting, and then the press of the work that had accumulated at my office during the winter while I was away attending union conference meetings.

Since returning to headquarters a week ago, I have had a good long talk with brother evans about the pacific union meeting. He has given me quite a full, and I judge fair, account of the conference. Of course I was very anxious to know how you were feeling with reference to what had taken place.

Now, brother -----, I must tell you that words cannot express how deeply I regret some of the experiences through which you have passed since going to the pacific coast. I hoped, and really expected, when you went to California that you would enter upon the most valuable experience of your life. I knew that you would have occasion to come into close association with brother and sister white [W. C. White and his mother, Ellen G. White], and knowing how very helpful my association with them in australia had been to me, I counted on your experience being the same as mine.

I went out to the australasian field a young man with very little experience in this cause except as a preacher. During my first four years in that mission field, I gave myself wholly to evangelistic work. Then brother and sister White came, and in a short time I was

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