Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 44

MR No. 548—How Ellen White Bore Suffering

I attended the early morning meeting and bore a testimony. I greeted all with a “Happy new year” and sought to call their minds to the infinite love of God expressed to us....

I spoke Sabbath forenoon some very plain truths upon practical godliness. The people seemed to appreciate the work done.—Manuscript 28, 1892, 1. (Diary, January 1, 2, 1892.)

April 22, 1892—I do not understand why I am lying here, unable to labor for the Lord; but God understands, and that is enough for me....

May 14—The past night has been one of great tediousness. I was obliged to get up six times to change my position, for my back and limbs were full of pain. My neck was so painful that it distressed me to lie on the pillow. But the Lord is good, and He draws near to me as I lift up my heart in prayer to Him, beseeching Him for grace and for restoration to health....

May 22—The past night was an almost sleepless one. I am so thankful that I could commune with God, and leave myself without murmuring in His merciful hands. I can use my arms and hands better than I could, and with considerable effort I can dress myself.

Satan is watching to see if I will hide my faith under a cloud of unbelief by murmuring against the One who has done everything for me. I am determined not to distrust God. I shall keep looking up to where the rainbow of promise encircles the throne. I shall triumph in God. Daily my soul is refreshed by the contemplation of the great love of our heavenly Father.

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