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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]

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    MR No. 592—The Open Door

    I saw some in Zion that were languishing; they were dormant and unbelieving. I asked the angel if Zion should languish. Said the angel, “She is rising never to fall again. God has stretched out His hand the second time to recover the remnant of His people.”8MR 219.1

    I saw some that meet together at Oswego [N.Y.] and vicinity are not right. They do not partake of the spirit of the lovely Jesus; they have not vital godliness, and unless they soon partake of the spirit of Jesus and have their hearts sanctified by the truth they profess to believe, they will be purged out of the camp of Israel....8MR 219.2

    “God's people are rising,” said the angel, “never to fall again.” Be careful,” said the angel, “lest the branches be cut off and others are raised up in their stead.” I saw that some would bear fruit and work to the glory of God. I saw we must keep close to Jesus and fast and pray if we could not get the victory over the power of darkness. I then saw Brother _____. He had wounded and torn the hearts of God's people. I saw he had been stubborn and rebellious, and unless he changed his course entirely, the church should disfellowship him, for he has been a dead weight to the church.8MR 219.3

    Said the angel, “Jesus has nearly finished His work in the sanctuary. It is no time to be stupid now; a quick work will the Lord do upon the earth; the four angels will soon let go the four winds.” Said the angel, “Beware how thou treadest enchanted ground all around the east and west, north and south. If Satan can get thee to slumber now he is sure of his prey.”8MR 219.4

    I saw some in Israel had been half starved for food and when the purest truth was presented to them, they grasped at it as half-starved children. Said the angel, “Can ye stand in the battle in the day of the Lord? Ye need to be washed, and live in newness of life”....8MR 220.1

    Said the angel, “Will ye sink and let others take the stars to your crown?” I told the angel that I could not endure to see any in Israel falling back....8MR 220.2

    I saw they must look away from self to the worthiness of Jesus and throw themselves just as they are, needy and dependent and unworthy upon His mercy, and draw by faith, strength and nourishment from him. Said the angel, “The desolations of Zion are accomplished.”8MR 220.3

    I saw he took away the first and established the second, that is, those who were in the faith would become rebellious and be purged out and others who had not heard the Advent doctrine and rejected it would embrace the truth and take their places.—Manuscript 5, 1850, 1-4. (“A Vision the Lord Gave Me at Oswego [N.Y.], July 29, 1850.)8MR 220.4

    I saw Satan would work more powerfully now than ever he has before. He knows that his time is short and that the sealing of the saints will place them beyond his power; he will now work in every way that he can and will try his every insinuation to get the saints off from their guard and get them asleep on the present truth or doubting it, so as to prevent their being sealed with the seal of the living God.—Manuscript 7, 1850, 2, 3. (“A Vision God Gave Me at Brother Harris’, August 24, 1850.)8MR 220.5

    The angel said, “Some tried too hard to believe. Faith is so simple. Ye look above it. Satan has deceived some and got them to looking at their own unworthiness.” I saw they must look away from self to the worthiness of Jesus, and throw themselves, just as they are, needy, dependent, upon His mercy, and draw by faith, strength and nourishment from Him.—Manuscript 8, 1850, p 1. (“Vision of August 24, 1850.”)8MR 221.1

    Then I saw that the papers [The Review and Herald] would go and that it would be the means of bringing souls to a knowledge of the truth. I saw that James had not borne the burden alone, but that the angels of God had assisted and had oversight of the paper.8MR 221.2

    Then the angel pointed to Fairhaven, and said, “Ye have not moved in God at all times. There has been a stretching beyond the movings of God, and [ye] have moved in self.” I saw that the mind should be taken from mortals and be raised to God.—Manuscript 11, 1850, 1. (“Vision at Paris, Maine,” December 25, 1850.)8MR 221.3

    The enemy has tried hard to take some of our lives here [Port Byron, NY] of late. One after another of us has been afflicted almost unto death. Had it not been for the balm in Gilead and the Physician there, we must have perished.8MR 221.4

    The Lord showed me some weeks before we came to this place, that we must gird on the whole armor, for we were to have a great conflict with the enemy while we were getting out the paper, for he knew the paper would hurt his cause and would be the means of strengthening the things that remain and would cause souls that were undecided to take a decided stand for God and His truth. Satan meant to hinder the work of the paper by causing sickness and distress in our company, but we laid hold of the sure promises of God. We anointed with oil in the name of the Lord and prayed over the sick and they were healed.8MR 221.5

    Oh, what battles we have had to fight with the enemy since we commenced to get out the paper. We have had to pray, pray, pray, and have faith, faith, faith and that is all the way we have been enabled to live....8MR 222.1

    Satan has great power and we must have living, abiding faith in God or the powers of darkness will get the ascendancy over us and Satan will triumph. We will be free and we must be free in order to glorify God.—Letter 14, 1850, pp. 1-3. (To Sister Bates, September 1, 1850.)8MR 222.2

    Let us not rest unless we know that our lives are hid with Christ in God. We must have daily the full assurance that we are accepted of Him. If we have [this], all is well. We then can come to a throne of grace with holy boldness and draw strength and glory from the sanctuary, and be triumphant in God. I do long for the mind that was in Christ. Day after day I discover my unlikeness to the meek and lovely Jesus. I want His fashioning hand to be laid upon me, for I would reflect the lovely image of Jesus.8MR 222.3

    At times I feel the power of God, even in my flesh, and yet I am not satisfied. I want to plunge deeper and deeper in the ocean of God's love and be wholly swallowed up in Him. Be strong in God. Do not sink. My vision comes up before me and the words of the angel even now seem to ring in my ears, “Get ready, get ready, get ready. Time is almost finished, almost finished, almost finished. Cry, cry, for the arm of the Lord to be revealed, for the arm of the Lord to be revealed. Time is almost finished. What you do, ye must do quickly!”—Letter 26, 1850, p. 2. (To Brother and Sister Loveland, November 1, 1850.)8MR 222.4

    Let us double our diligence to make our calling and election sure. Victory, victory, will be ours if we endure a little longer. I do beg and pray to be more like Jesus that I may reflect His lovely image. More and more I long to be filled with all the fullness of God. It is our privilege to rejoice in a whole Saviour, One that saves us from all sin. We will not rest unless we know the length and breadth, height and depth of perfect love. I expect you are buffeted by the enemy. Do not yield one inch to him. Let faith be in lively exercise. Let it enter within the second veil and take hold upon the most excellent glory.—Letter 30, 1850, p. 2. (To Brother and Sister Loveland, December 13, 1850.)8MR 223.1

    We are doing up a work for eternity, and may the Lord help us that we may have it done and well done that we may receive the refreshing and latter rain that is soon to come from God upon all those who are zealous of good works.8MR 223.2

    It becomes us to search our hearts carefully and have every wrong purged away from us that we may be pure and holy, and stand in the clear light of God, where we can shed a holy influence. We love you as we ever have; should be pleased to hear from you, but much more pleased to see you. I hope and pray that the enemy may make no more inroads. Strive hard to preserve union among you. Where there is union there is strength, and God will work among you, by you, and through you, if you will only strive to be wholly consecrated to God and be at peace among yourselves, and each one strive with all his might to keep the victory over self and over every besetment, every wrong word and action.—Letter 1, 1851, p. 1. (To Brother and Sister Preston, October 19, 1851.)8MR 223.3

    I saw that many, very many, had been truly converted through the influence of persons who were living in open violation of the commandments of God, their lives vile and corrupt. Others I saw were very sick....8MR 224.1

    Said the angel, “Shall He [God] leave the poor, suffering saints who are deceived, destitute entirely of His Spirit? Oh no! ...8MR 224.2

    I saw that God would separate the precious from the vile. There would be truth or something from God to call for a decision.... God will work in mysterious ways to save the true, honest ones....8MR 224.3

    I saw there is among you a spirit of linking up with a few, making everything of this one or that one that has any leading out to pray for the sick; and others who do not engage in it as zealously as you, are of but little account or have but little influence. Oh, I saw that this was not all of the requirements of Jesus.... The faith of Jesus takes in the whole life and divine character of Christ....8MR 224.4

    God is about to work for His people; a great work is being done.—Letter 2, 1851, pp. 2-5. (To Brother Pierce, undated.)8MR 224.5

    I saw that Christ will have a church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing to present to His Father, and as He leads us through the pearly gates of the New Jerusalem, or the golden city, Jesus will look upon His redeemed children and see of the travail of His soul and be satisfied.—Letter 5, 1851, p. 1. (To Brother Barnes, December 14, 1851.)8MR 225.1

    I had some straight messages to bear to different individuals [at Bethel, Vermont] which had their effect. When we parted, we parted in love, and union prevailed among nearly all. Thursday afternoon [November 6] we left Royalton and took the cars for Waterbury. We changed cars at Northfield and as we stepped from the cars, met Brother Baker. He came with us to Waterbury. Found Brethren Loveland and Lindsay waiting for us at the depot. We went about two miles to Brother Butler's, stopped there a few hours for refreshment, and went eight miles in the eve toward Johnson and stopped with Sister Benson that night, and the next day went on to Johnson, the place appointed for the conference. Some had already arrived to attend the meetings.8MR 225.2

    I did not expect Brother and Sister Butler that night, for we parted with Brother Butler the day before about noon and he had to drive fifty or sixty miles to reach home, and then prepare to come twenty-five miles farther to Johnson. But he had got so waked up he could not stop on the way, but drove until one o'clock the next morn before he got home. He was anxious to get his wife to Johnson. She was not right, had been a strong believer in the time [The belief held by some Sabbathkeeping Adventists that Christ would return to earth in 1851.] and had felt very wrong toward James and Brother Holt because they struck against the time. But about three o'clock two wagon loads came from Brother butler's, Brethren Hart and Baker in one wagon, and Brother Butler, his wife, and sister in the other wagon....8MR 225.3

    I asked Brother Walker where he would be or what would be his state, if Jesus had now left the Most Holy and His work for the saints was all done and he were in the state he then was? I talked plainly. The Lord helped me. I showed them how the messengers that had been toiling in the scattering time had labored to get the truth before them, how much they had suffered, and now, when God's cause was prospering, they embrace the third angel's message and enter into the labors of the chosen messengers of God, and lift up their heel against them, But I am making my story too long....8MR 226.1

    We stopped (Brethren Holt, Wheeler, James, and self) a few days and wrote. Wednesday Brethren Holt and Wheeler went to Vergennes, Vermont, to inform them that we should be there Sabbath and Sunday. Brother Butler carried us to Vergennes Thursday, forty-four miles. Sabbath day it was very stormy, but he went three miles to Brother Evarts; there were but few who could attend that meeting on account of the storm. Brother Evarts is a blessed brother, but has been in the age-to-come all over, and he said he could not give it up. When we were there he was in a very dark place.8MR 226.2

    Henry Allen lived about one mile from Brother Evarts. He held such a strong mixture of views which, if followed out, would lead to spiritualism, the worst kind, such as spiritual wifery.8MR 226.3

    Sabbath eve I had a great burden, such as I have borne before. I saw that Brother Evarts must give up his age-to-come, that he had lost the power of the third angel's message, and I saw that the accursed thing must be put out of the camp, or Israel would be sickly. That accursed thing was such views as I have mentioned that Henry Allen held. He was not at the meeting at Brother Evarts, being sick. After I had the vision and told it, Brother Evarts began to confess and break down before God. He gave up his age-to-come and felt the necessity of keeping the minds of all on the third angel's message. I had as solemn a view at that time as I ever had in my life.8MR 227.1

    The next day we went to Henry Allen's and God gave me a cutting message for him which I dared not daub with untempered mortar. Never did I have such a cutting message for anyone before. He did not break down. We withdrew all fellowship from him until he should give up his spiritual union views and get right. We left the brethren and sisters there in a much better state than we found them.—Letter 8, 1851, pp. 3, 4, 6, 7. (To Brother and Sister Howland, November 12, 1851.)8MR 227.2

    I saw that you have a knowledge of the truth and a form of godliness, but the power has been lacking. You have not had faith in God as you should have had, and when you have obtained the victory it has lasted you but a short time. I saw that we must have victory every day and come up steadily. I saw ... selfishness in your families, and I saw that there has not been true faith in the visions—that some have doubted them and still have not true faith in them, and if they remained where they were they would doubt them still more. I was shown the danger of doubting the visions. Had you believed the visions in time back, you would not have been left to go into the error you did. I saw that we must have vital godliness and heart holiness if we would be covered with the covering of Almighty God.—Manuscript 9, 1851, 1, 2. (“Testimony to Believers at Paris, Maine,” 1851.)8MR 227.3

    We can rejoice in a whole Saviour; One that saves us from all sin. We can be shut in with God where we can daily say, “I live yet not I, for Jesus Christ liveth in me to will and do of His own good pleasure.” Glory be to God. I know that my life is hid with Christ in God....8MR 228.1

    The refreshing is coming from the presence of the Lord. Let us set our hearts in order that the truth of God may live in us; that it may purify us, ready to receive the latter rain.—Letter 9, 1851, pp. 1, 2. (To Brother and Sister Dodge, December 21, 1851.)8MR 228.2

    I hereby testify in the fear of God that the charges of Miles Grant, of Mrs. Burdick and others published in the Crisis are not true. The statements in reference to my course in 1844 are false.8MR 228.3

    With my brethren and sisters, after the time passed in ‘44, I did believe no more sinners would be converted. But I never had a vision that no more sinners would be converted, and am clear and free to state no one has ever heard me say or has read from my pen statements which will justify them in the charges they have made against me upon this point.8MR 228.4

    It was on my first journey east to relate my visions that the precious light in regard to the heavenly sanctuary was opened before me and I was shown the open and shut door. We believed that the Lord was soon to come in the clouds of heaven. I was shown that there was a great work to be done in the world for those who had not had the light and rejected it. Our brethren could not understand this with our faith in the immediate appearing of Christ. Some accused me of saying, “My Lord delayeth His coming,” especially the fanatical ones. I saw that in ‘44 God had opened a door and no man could shut it, and shut a door and no man could open it. Those who rejected the light which was brought to the world by the message of the second angel went into darkness and how great was that darkness.8MR 228.5

    I never have stated or written that the world was doomed or damned. I never have under any circumstances used this language to anyone, however sinful. I have ever had messages of reproof for those who used these harsh expressions.8MR 229.1

    We acknowledge to our grief that there was fanaticism in the State of Maine and that this fanaticism sprung up in different places in different states. It became my unpleasant duty to meet this, and we labored hard to suppress it. We had no part in it, only to bear a testimony decidedly against it wherever we met it. This reproof borne to those who engaged in fanaticism set many against me.8MR 229.2

    In regard to the charges of my introducing and engaging in the fanaticism of creeping, I will state, in the fear of God, I never crept as a religious duty, and never sanctioned or gave the slightest encouragement to this voluntary humility. I ever bore the testimony God gave me that He did not require this groveling exercise of His children. I was shown and told them this, that the Word of God contained close tests and duties which were of a character to elevate, and recommended them to the good judgment and consciences of His sincere children. But these acts of voluntary humility taken up by some inconsistent fanatical ones, who were ever going to extremes, had a bad influence upon honest souls who wanted to be right and humble and who submitted to groveling acts, which brought a reproach upon the cause of God. Duties were made by men, tests manufactured that God had never required, and which found no sanction in His Word. I state definitely I never crept when I could walk, and have ever opposed it. I was shown in vision, after I refused to accept this as a duty, that it was not a requirement of God, but the fruit of fanaticism. Because I would not condescend to these fanatical, man-made tests to humble us, I was accused of being proud and like the world, shunning the cross, not willing to humble myself.8MR 229.3

    I might mention very many instances where I was pressed and urged, wept over and prayed for by zealots to come to these manufactured tests and crosses. I utterly refused to submit my judgment, my sense of Christian duties, and the dignity we should ever maintain as followers of Jesus Christ, who were expecting to be translated to heaven by receiving the finishing touch of immortality. Had I united with those who were engaging in these fanatical acts, there would have been no separation in the feelings from me. They who had once rejoiced as they listened to the message which God had given me for them, turned from me, because I stood firmly against their fanatical movements.8MR 230.1

    I sometimes traveled with Elder James White, always accompanied by my elder sister, my twin sister, or Sister Louisa Foss who was sister of my sister's husband.8MR 230.2

    I rejoice in God that not a spot or blemish can be fastened upon my name or character. We have in all our deportment, before and since our marriage, tried to abstain from even the appearance of evil. But the very ones God has called me to reprove and warn, because of their loose morals and for outbreaking sins, have judged me and have been embittered against me because I have exposed their sins, which were covered up. They have sought to make my testimony of no account by their misrepresentations and malicious falsehoods. But I have gone forward trusting in God to vindicate my cause and to sustain me. If I were not engaged in His work, I should not wish to be upheld.8MR 231.1

    Elder Files and his wife, Brother Haskins, Elder White, Miss Foss, and myself, went in company to New Hampshire. I had a testimony to bear. While there I was shown that great reproach was being brought upon the precious cause of God in Maine, and it was springing up in other States. I saw that I must go back to Maine and there bear the testimony God would give me for those who were in error. I was shown the course some were pursuing whom I had previously had great confidence in as ministers of righteousness. The dangers that were shown me and the evils which would extend in consequence of these errors burdened me, and my grief was so great I could not rest.8MR 231.2

    Again I was shown that the cause of God was suffering, souls were in danger, and Satan was triumphing, that the truth of God was covered with reproach by men who professed to love the truth. Some men and women had acted out their natural temperament, were harsh and denunciatory, overbearing, and self-confident. They had by their inconsistent, fanatical course caused unbelievers to hate them, and those who bore the Advent name were brought into disrepute. The innocent suffered with the guilty. I was shown that some were thrown into prison, and severe measures were being pursued by those who had authority to prevent the evils they saw which were increasing. The hatred of many of the world against the preaching of the time of Christ's coming was increased as they saw the inconsistencies of those who had believed in the time. They exulted in the wisdom and prudence which they thought they had in opposing the preaching of the time.8MR 231.3

    Again I saw that God was grieved, that His frown was upon the existing errors of some of His professed people. Said the angel, “Go and tell them the things which you have seen, and my spirit shall attend your testimony whether they will hear or reject. You must not withhold the message I give you to bear.”8MR 232.1

    We went immediately to Maine, and found indeed a fearful state of things. We met with a few of the brethren and sisters and the Spirit of the Lord came upon me, and I was taken off in vision. I was shown the individual cases of some present. J. Turner and J. Howell were among the number presented before me. J. Turner was present. As soon as I came out of the vision I related what I had seen, which was confirmed that same day by his wife, and brethren and sisters who were acquainted with his sinful course.8MR 232.2

    I was shown that God had a work for me to do amid dangers and perils, but I must not shrink. I must go to the very places where fanaticism had done the most evil, and bear my messages of reproof to some of those who were influencing others, while I should give comfort and encouragement to those who were timid and conscientious, but deceived by those they thought were more righteous than they. I saw that we would be in danger of imprisonment and abuse. Although I should have no sympathy with the deceived, fanatical ones, no difference would be made, for anyone bearing the name of Adventist would have no consideration shown them.8MR 232.3

    I was young and timid, and felt great sadness in regard to visiting the field where fanaticism had reigned. I pled with God to spare me from this—to send by some other one. The Spirit of the Lord again came upon me, and I was shown my faith would be tested, my courage and obedience tried. I must go. God would give me words to speak at the right time. And, if I should wait upon Him, and have faith in His promises, I should escape both imprisonment and abuse, for He would restrain those who would do me harm. If I would look to God with humble confidence and faith, no man's hand should be laid upon me to do me harm. An angel of heaven would be by my side and direct me when and where to go.8MR 233.1

    I waited no longer, but went trusting in God. I saw most of the brethren and sisters. As I warned them of their dangers, some were rejoiced that God had sent me, others refused to listen to my testimony as soon as they learned that I was not in union with their spirit. They said I was going back to the world, that we must be so straight and plain and so full of glory, as they called their shouting and hallooing, that the world would hate and persecute us. Our brethren had hardly faith enough to let us go. They thought we were presumptuous to place ourselves in the way of an excited and wrathful community. We did not listen to their suggestions, but followed the Lord's bidding.8MR 233.2

    We had interviews with several families at the same time, who were brought together in a most wonderful manner. Many who had no knowledge of the meeting, but were moved by an earnest desire to go to a certain brother's house, came, and the rooms were well filled. This occurred at three different points, giving me opportunity to bear my message to them. At one house in Orrington, the door was closed upon me as they saw me coming, but in the name of the Lord I opened it. They said Phebe Knapp was in vision. She was crying out in a most pitiful manner, warning against me. I knelt by her side and asked my heavenly Father to rebuke the spirit which was upon her. She immediately arose, her agony and burden ended. I then addressed those who were present in the name of the Lord. I reasoned with them, and rebuked their fanatical spirit, and showed them the inconsistency of their course.... [I said] “Am I not the same as when I came to you with the power of God resting upon me a few months since? I hold the same views as when we parted in union, love, and Christian fellowship. Who has changed since that time? Not I. You have changed. You believe the dead are raised. You have been baptized in the faith of the resurrection of the dead. I know this is all a delusion. Satan has been trying to deceive you. When Christ the great life-giver shall come in the clouds of heaven, to raise the dead, there will be a terrible earthquake. The trump of God will be heard resounding through earth's remotest bounds, and the voice of Jesus will call forth the dead from their graves to immortal life.8MR 233.3

    “You have not seen Christ coming with power and great glory which shall illuminate the earth from east to west, from north to south, like the lightning's flash. God has sent me to tell you that you are doing great injury to His cause. You take a blind, unreasonable position, and create hatred and prejudice by your fanaticism and inconsistencies. You call forth persecution and create prejudice unnecessarily, and then feel that you are suffering with Christ.”8MR 234.1

    Before I left the delusive spirit of Satan was checked. They seemed softened and said God loved me and that I was right.8MR 235.1

    The last meeting we there held was especially solemn. The poor souls, who had not the privileges of meeting for a long time, were greatly refreshed. While we were praying and weeping before God that night, I was taken off in vision and shown that I must return the next morning. I had not refused obedience to the Spirit of God, His hand had been with me, and His angel had accompanied us and hid us from the people, so that they did not know we were in the place. But our work was done; we could go; the emissaries of Satan were on our track, and we would fare no better than those who had been fanatical and wrong, and suffered the consequences of their inconsistent, unreasonable course by abuse and imprisonment.8MR 235.2

    Early in the morning we were taken in a small rowboat to Belfast. We were there placed on board the steamer and were soon on our way to Portland. We had been visiting two weeks among those who had been cursed with the fanatical course of men who were practicing voluntary humility. The few who assembled on Sunday, the last meeting we had, were enabled to avoid the vigilance of the jealous citizens, and God was worshiped without boisterous noise and confusion, but with calm dignity. The melting spirit of God subdued hearts, many tears were shed and penitent confessions made. As we left, we felt that we had done all we could in reproving, warning, comforting, and encouraging. We were free from the blood of all in that place.8MR 235.3

    We soon received letters from Orrington stating that when these brethren returned they were met by a number of exasperated citizens, who had come early to find those who had dared to hold meetings in Orrington. At our meeting Sunday one of the enemy's agents, who had been an Adventist, informed the citizens that we were holding meetings in Orrington. Our brethren informed the angry men that we were not in Orrington, but far away. They whipped and abused the men who had taken us to the boat. The house where we tarried was searched in vain for us, and they were greatly disappointed because they could not find us.8MR 236.1

    We visited from place to place, fanaticism raging, and brethren believing the truth were not permitted to visit one another, but were imprisoned and beaten. But we rode through these very places in broad daylight, visited from house to house, held meetings, and bore our testimony showing them how God regarded their errors. We comforted the fearing and desponding, and rebuked those who were pressing their fanatical errors upon others. We had very precious seasons and many showed their gratitude to God by weeping and rejoicing that relief had been sent to them. Others stubbornly refused to listen to the warnings and reproofs given. This class went on from bad to worse until their shame was made manifest to all. God gave them over to their own ways to be filled with their own doings.8MR 236.2

    We were sent to Garland, Maine, where we met Elder Dammon and many others in meeting and bore our testimony, that they were in error and delusion in believing that the dead had been raised. I told them that God had shown me that Satan had been introducing fanatical errors, that he might deceive and destroy their souls. When Christ should raise the dead there would be no small stir. He would ride forth with power and great glory, escorted by the heavenly angels, with songs of triumph and victory. “For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then [not weeks, nor months, nor years, afterward, but then, at that very time] we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17.)8MR 236.3

    While I was repeating this Scripture, Elder Dammon arose and began to leap up and down, crying out, “The dead are raised and gone up; glory to God! Glory, glory, hallelujah!” Others followed his example. Elder Dammon said, “Don't be tried, Brother White. I cannot sit still. The spirit and power of the resurrection is stirring my very soul. The dead are raised, the dead are raised, and gone up, gone up.”8MR 237.1

    Our testimony was rejected, and they clung tenaciously to their errors. Elder Dammon and several others were baptized many times and frequently by the hand of a woman, Mrs. Ayers, a female preacher who had drunk deep of fanaticism. We had done our duty, and with hearts filled with sorrow we turned from these our brethren, whom we had loved, reluctant to leave them in error and delusion. These souls that I had warned turned from me because I had told them they were in error and in darkness. Many of this company went on further and further in delusion and deception, following impressions and impulse rather than the Word of God, until they became disgusted with their own wicked course.8MR 237.2

    A fearful stain was brought upon the cause of God which would cleave to the name of Adventist like the leprosy. Satan triumphed, for this reproach would cause many precious souls to fear to have any connection with Adventists. All that had been done wrong would be exaggerated, and would lose nothing by passing from one to the other. The cause of God was bleeding. Jesus was crucified afresh and put to open shame by His professed followers. The anguish of my spirit could not be described. My tears and prayers went up to God for His bleeding, suffering cause. I could see nothing that I could do to help those who refused to be helped.8MR 238.1

    Now the very ones who were deepest in fanaticism cruelly charge upon me that delusion which I had not the slightest sympathy with, but from which my soul recoiled. And I bore a straightforward testimony to condemn these fanatical movements from first to last. Mrs. Burdick has made statements which are glaring falsehoods. There is not a shade of truth in her statements. Can it be that she has repeated these false statements till she sincerely believes them to be truth?8MR 238.2

    I believed the truth upon the Sabbath question before I had seen anything in vision in reference to the Sabbath. It was months after I had commenced keeping the Sabbath before I was shown its importance and its place in the third angel's message.8MR 238.3

    It is utterly false that I have ever intimated I could have a vision when I pleased. There is not a shade of truth in this. I have never said I could throw myself into visions when I pleased, for this is simply impossible. I have felt for years that if I could have my choice and please God as well, I would rather die than have a vision, for every vision places me under great responsibility to bear testimonies of reproof and of warning, which has ever been against my feelings, causing me affliction of soul which is inexpressible. Never have I coveted my position, and yet I dare not resist the Spirit of God and seek an easier position.8MR 238.4

    The Spirit of God has come upon me at different times, in different places, and under various circumstances. My husband has had no control of these manifestations of the Spirit of God. Many times he has been far away when I have had visions. When our plans have been laid according to our best judgment, I have frequently been shown that if we followed our pleasure in these things we should not follow the leadings of God's Spirit. We have been warned of dangers and been corrected of errors.8MR 239.1

    I have never seen any persons crowned in the kingdom of God, only on conditions that if they were faithful they would receive the crown of immortal life in the kingdom of glory. I have never stated that this one or that one was doomed or damned. I never had a testimony of this kind for anyone. I have ever been shown that God's people should shun these strong expressions which are peculiar to the first-day Adventists. These very expressions have been used unsparingly by John Howell, the first husband of Mrs. Burdick. But I never uttered them myself to any living mortal. These very fanatics have made these wholesale statements, and have talked of God as irreverently as they would of a horse or of common things. Sacred things are brought down upon a level with common things. The elevated dignity of the religion of Christ is lowered unto the very dust.8MR 239.2

    I have no recollection of being in meetings with I. C. Welcome. It might have been, but I have no acquaintance with him, and never knew him by sight. Before ‘44, I sometimes lost my strength under the blessing of God. I. C. Welcome may have confounded these exercises of the power of the Spirit of God upon me with the visions. I had no visions until in the winter, near spring, after the time had passed [October 22, 1844].8MR 239.3

    Elder Dammon had the most positive evidences that the visions were of God. He became my enemy only because I bore a testimony reproving his wrongs and his fanatical course, which wounded the cause of God. The prejudices they have fostered against me are unreasonable and wicked. The very same course that the Jews pursued toward Christ, my professed Advent brethren feel it a virtue to pursue toward me, when every argument fails against the truth. There is one bond of union between all those who oppose God's law; that bond is to use their smut and blacking against me, and present me as their unanswerable argument. They say I am possessed of a demon.8MR 240.1

    I feel no spirit of hatred against the poor prejudiced souls who are deluded and blinded by error, and are in so great darkness they trample under foot the law of God. They are so filled with bitterness against this holy law, the foundation of God's government in heaven and in earth, they cannot find words sufficiently strong to express their contempt of God's law, which the inspired Apostle calls “holy, and just, and good.” (Romans 7:12.) I have left my case in the hands of God. He knows all. He can hold in check the prejudices and opposition of our enemies. He can turn their devices against themselves. He can make their bitter speeches and their enmity rebound upon their own heads.8MR 240.2

    Christ's life of self-denial and suffering is before me, and this hushes every murmuring thought, every dissatisfied feeling. The life of Christ's followers will be beset at every step with trials, vexations, and hindrances, which will work for their good in developing character and gaining an education in the school of Christ which is of the highest value. In this conflict the Christian character is made strong.8MR 240.3

    During the entire life of Christ He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, and had to endure the contradiction of sinners against Himself. His own nation was the most embittered against Him. The chief priests and the elders had the most to say. It was they, the most professedly pious, who declared, “He cast out devils through Beelzebub the chief of devils.” (Luke 11:15.) But they could not through their opposition stop Him in His work. Evidences multiplied daily of His divine power as He wrought in curing the sick and raising the dead. They then assigned these mighty works to the power of a demon. Can I expect any better lot than the divine Son of God? Shall I complain? God forbid. If my work does not stand in God, let it come to naught. If it be of God, man's hatred and opposition cannot overthrow it.8MR 241.1

    Again we look at the life of Christ. He was poor, and suffered hunger and fatigue. He was tempted by a vile foe, and His path was made rough and obstructed with difficulties and obstacles. The Pharisees and Sadducees had one bond of union, which was opposition to Christ. They not only refused to receive His testimony themselves, but they perverted His testimony and sought to ensnare Him in His words by subtle questions. They called Him a winebibber because He sought to reach men where they were by eating at their tables. For His condescending love and great mercy He was the more hated by those who wished to destroy His influence. Because He claimed His oneness with the Father, they charged Him with blasphemy and madness.8MR 241.2

    Even the common people, who were astonished at His miracles and charmed with His words of wisdom, pointed sneeringly at His origin. His own neighbors in His native town refused to accept Him as the Messiah, and refused to hear Him as a prophet of God. His own brothers did not believe in His being the Son of God. They became impatient that His life was without display and worldly honor. Even His own chosen disciples, notwithstanding their great respect for Him, their faith in His divinity, and [their belief] that He was the long-expected Messiah, reproved Him because He did not fulfill their expectations, and establish a temporal kingdom and exalt them to positions of honor.8MR 242.1

    He frequently stood forth alone in His sorrows, griefs, sufferings, and necessities. The Saviour of a world died like a malefactor. The government and the people refused to accept Him who came to save them. He was forsaken of His own disciples; denied by Peter; betrayed by Judas; urged on by the spirit of Satan. Rude soldiers mocked Him. The violent mob, instigated by the chief priests and elders, cried, “Crucify Him!” He was seized in the night and hurried to the judgment hall. He was arrayed in an old purple, kingly robe, and hurried from tribunal to tribunal.8MR 242.2

    A crown of thorns was placed upon his sacred brow. He was insulted, smitten, scourged, spit upon, and hung like a criminal between two malefactors. Oh! what amazing condescension! What infinite love! He never coveted applause, or feared the threats of the world.8MR 242.3

    In consideration of the example of the Majesty of Heaven, who bore the griefs of man and made their necessities His own, shall we poor, sinful creatures, shun the sufferings and trials our Saviour bore with such meekness and dignity? If my Master suffered thus, shall I murmur? Shall I seek ease and honor? God forbid. Let me suffer trials and reproach with the Master. I am in excellent company. He has said, “Rejoice, and be exceeding glad when ye suffer reproach for His name's sake, for great is your reward in heaven.”—Letter 2, 1874, pp. 1-13. (To J. N. Loughborough, August 24, 1874.)8MR 242.4

    Released March 17, 1978.

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