Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663], Page 64

MR No. 550—Diversity and Unity in God's Work

When [Brother] Torr came to Petaluma, he followed close after Cassidy [an apostate Adventist]. Mrs. White was his theme. The Lord sent me to Petaluma and gave me a testimony of great power to bear. Torr was convicted. I stayed at his house, and he said he had seen and heard me and he was settled now that all these reports and statements were false. He felt very tender. I saw that he did not have family prayer. I urged myself forward, prayed with them and pled with them to pray morning and night with their children. He had taken the position that social meetings were not in the order of God—that family prayer was a non-essential. But his heart was melted under the power of the Spirit of God, and he urged me with tears to come and speak to them at Petaluma as often as I could. He said, “Maybe you do not know, Sister White, how we prize these visits. They are of great value to us—beyond estimate.”

Well, Long's book came out and [also] Green's book—these most weak and contemptible productions. I waited for you and others to speak of these, as you stood in the responsible positions you do, as watchmen on the walls of Zion, and should warn the people. As editor of the paper you have every means within your reach.

Now Torr has changed. He did not take up his duties. He did not follow the light. He seemed to enjoy the suggestions and statements of these tracts, and sent them everywhere. Next he was without an anchor, and he began to read Tom Paine and has come out an infidel. He says there is no personal devil—

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