Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches Manuscript, Page 148

Chapter 17—Labors In Massachusetts

Not long after our visit to Portsmouth, I was shown that I must visit Massachusetts, and there bear my testimony. This was in the summer of 1845. My sister Sarah accompanied me. When we reached Boston, we learned that Joe Turner, whose course in Maine had caused so much trouble, had arrived in Boston a few hours before us. It was evident that our being sent to Boston just at that time, was to save God's people from falling under his influence.

Meeting in Roxbury

It was arranged that I should go to Roxbury, and there relate my message. I found a large company gathered in a private house. I felt the opposition that existed in the hearts of some of the brethren, yet in the strength of the Lord I delivered my unpopular message.

As I was speaking, a sister who had been opposed to my work, arose and interrupted me. She grasped my hand, saying, “I said that the devil sent you, but I can doubt your message no longer.” Then she declared to those present that she believed I was a child of God, and that he had sent me.

The power of the Lord attended the testimony I bore. All in the meeting were greatly blessed, and many testified that they were comforted and refreshed. The leader of the meeting, his countenance beaming with joy, arose and said, “The

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