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Life Sketches Manuscript

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    The Better Land

    The following poem was composed by Wm. H. Hyde, who wrote it while I was describing the beauties of the heavenly land and of Christ our Saviour, as I had just seen them in vision. He was sitting behind me, and when I closed, he came around in front of the company present, and putting music to the words, sang it with wonderful effect.LSMS 134.2

    We have heard from the bright, the holy land,—
    We have heard and our hearts are glad;
    For we were a lonely pilgrim band,
    And weary worn and sad.
    They tell us the pilgrims have a dwelling there,
    No longer are homeless ones;
    And we know that the goodly land is fair,
    Where life's pure river runs.
    LSMS 134.3

    They say green fields are waving there,
    That never a blight shall know;
    And the desert wild are blooming fair,
    And the roses of Sharon grow.
    There are lovely birds in the bowers green—
    Their songs are blithe and sweet;
    And their warblings gushing ever new,
    The angels harpings great.
    LSMS 134.4

    We have heard of the palms, the robes, the crowns,
    And the silvery band in white;
    Of the city fair, with pearly gates,
    All radiant with light.
    LSMS 134.5

    We have heard of angels there, and saints,
    With their harps of gold, how they sing;
    Of the mount, with the fruitful tree of life,
    Of the leaves that healing bring.
    LSMS 135.1

    The King of that country, He is fair,
    He's the joy and the light of the place;
    In His beauty we shall behold Him there,
    And bask in His smiling face.
    We'll be there, we'll be there in a little while;
    We'll join the pure and the blest;
    We'll have the palm, the robe, the crown,
    And forever be at rest.
    LSMS 135.2

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