Ellen G. White Writings

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Life Sketches Manuscript, Page 68

Chapter 7—Advent Experience

With carefulness and trembling we approached the time *The year 1843, Jewish time, was believed to reach from March 21, 1843, to March 21, 1844. Those who received the advent faith looked for the coming of Christ during that year. when our Saviour was expected to appear; and with solemn earnestness we sought, as a people, to purify our lives that we might be ready to meet Him at His coming.

Meetings in Portland, ME

Notwithstanding the opposition of ministers and churches, Beethoven Hall in the city of Portland, was nightly crowded; especially was there a large congregation on Sundays.

Elder Stockman was a man of deep piety. He was in feeble health, suffering from consumption; yet when he stood before the people, he seemed to be lifted above physical infirmity, and his face was lighted with the consciousness that he was teaching the sacred truth of God. There was a solemn, searching power in his words that struck home to many hearts. He sometimes expressed a fervent desire to live until he should welcome the Saviour coming in the clouds of heaven. Under his ministration, the Spirit of God convicted many sinners, and brought them into the fold of Christ.

Meetings were still held at private houses in different parts of the city, with the best results. Believers were

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