Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal for Self-supporting Laborers to Enter Unworked Fields, Page 19

Chapter 4—Lay Members as Pioneers

Waste Places in the Vineyard

In humble dependence upon God, families are to settle in the waste places of His vineyard. Consecrated men and women are needed to stand as fruit-bearing trees of righteousness in the desert places of the earth. As the reward of their self-sacrificing efforts to sow the seeds of truth, they will reap a rich harvest. As they visit family after family, opening the Scriptures to those in spiritual darkness, many hearts will be touched.

In fields where the conditions are so objectionable and disheartening that many workers refuse to go to them, most remarkable changes for the better may be brought about by the efforts of self-sacrificing lay members. These humble workers will accomplish much, because they put forth patient, persevering effort, not relying upon human power, but upon God, who gives them His favor. The amount of good that these workers accomplish will never be known in this world. Testimonies for the Church 7:22, 23.

A Call from a Mission Field

Written from Australia

To those who are looking for a place where they may work in the Lord's vineyard, we say, Come over and help us. Come prepared to practice self-denial, determined that you will not fail nor be discouraged. We can not pay your passage to this country, nor can we give you large wages. We can not carry you financially or spiritually; but if you will come to do a work for the Master, if you are willing to visit and labor for souls where they are, come, and we will co-operate with you as long as you will co-operate with God. [This cry now goes up from many fields.]

Room for All

There is room in the work of God for all who are filled with the spirit of self-sacrifice. We have a solemn work before us. God is calling for men and women who are willing to

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