Ellen G. White Writings

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Appeals for Unity, Page 4

our words and actions, where we may be always helping forward that work which is most essential. During the night it was again impressed upon my mind that it was through the providence of God we obtained this place when we did. Also that the branching out and enlarging that we have done, and the development of the work as it stands today, is what the Lord would have us do.

As a people we can not stand still. The work must grow as we move forward. We have now come to a time when there will be intensity of action on the part of some whose movements we do not now understand. How then shall we carry the work at such a time, when opportunities for advancement come unexpectedly and difficulties are constantly increasing? We must daily commit our ways to God in faith, and be learning continually of Christ Jesus. He will not leave us to walk in darkness, but will give us the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.

Those who are bearing responsibilities in our institutions and in various branches of the Lord's work, need to be constant learners in the school of Christ. We must understand and know that the Lord is at the head of the work, although we do not always discern His overruling power. At all times it is our privilege to know that He is there, and to have the assurance that He will work with us if we will work with Him. But if one plans one thing, and another plans another thing, and each endeavors to lead, we shall get things into

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