Ellen G. White Writings

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Appeals for Unity, Page 7

felt an intense fear that they would miss the mark. We must walk humbly with God. We must learn to overcome difficulties through faith in the living God. “This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.”

We are here, a large company of workers, consecrated to the service of God. And when I have heard that this one wants to leave because something does not suit him, and another plans to go because he thinks something is going wrong, I have thought, Poor souls; it is you who must change. It is you who must come upon your knees to God, asking for the baptism of His Spirit. What we all need is a consecration and a faith that will stand the day of test and trial. We must have intelligence, and confidence to look to God and say, ‘We trust Thee, Our Saviour; and we will not be driven from our post of duty in order to gratify the enemy of the work.’ What we need is a right hold on God; and if we have this, we shall come off victorious. Let us ask Him to bind us together in unity of mind, in an understanding of His guidance; and then He can work for us wonderfully. Then we shall see of the salvation of God.

I am thankful to see so many of my brethren here today,—brethren whom I have not seen for a long time. The Lord will surely reveal Himself to His people in this place, that they may communicate the precious truth to all parts of the world. Let us bear in mind that it is faith that leads to perfection of character. I want to be in

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