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Hillcrest School Farm, Page 7

Hillcrest School Farm

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“The Lord has a great work to be done in the Southern States of America.... He requires far more of his people than they have given him in missionary work among the people of the South of all classes, and especially the colored race.”

March 20, 1891.

“Those living in places where the work has been long established, should remember the needs of the preparatory work to be done in Nashville.”

December 4, 1901.

“The work in Nashville is important. If the workers labor earnestly and judiciously, there will be conversions to the truth in.... Nashville.”

October 26, 1902.

“A school for colored people should be established outside the city of Nashville, on land that can be utilized for industrial purposes.”

November 24, 1903.

“I was instructed by the Lord that the Southern field was to be given every advantage. Especially was Nashville to be worked: ... Years ago the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the hearts of men to establish in this city institutions of learning to educate the colored people of the South. The Lord now desires his people to establish institutions in this center where a good work has already been done.... I was instructed that memorials for God were to be established in this place, not only right in this city, but a little distance from it.”

July 3, 1903.

“A more decided interest should be manifested in the work of helping the colored people. If in the future we are to do nothing more for all colored people than we have done in the past, let us lay aside all pretense that we have entered Nashville for the purpose of helping them.... The Lord is not pleased with the present showing. Let there now be a reformation, and the Lord will work with those who are willing to co-operate with him.”

April 14, 1905.

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