Ellen G. White Writings

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Important Testimony, Page 2

of the binding claims of the law of God, is now to reach a higher standard than that which has hitherto been reached. The differences which have existed have left an unfavorable impression upon the minds of those who attend your meetings.

By a carnality in words the talent of speech has been an injury to the precious cause of present truth. The time has come when all the differences must be put away fully and thoroughly; and now, without delay attempt a united, systematic effort for the one great object: sanctification through Jesus Christ to the obedience of the truth. “Sanctify them through Thy Word; Thy Word is truth.” How long would it be before the influence of one would be the influence of all? Zeal, piety and wisdom would blend in the converted souls through sanctification of the truth in a combined movement. The gospel of Christ would be exerting its decided influence in vigorous action, demonstrating the power of God unto salvation. There would be deep earnestness in the work, more combined and vigorous efforts, a using of all your energies, sustaining one another in the work of enlarging the territory of the kingdom of God in our cities. Earnest results would be seen, and prayers and hands would be uplifted to heaven, saying, “Who is sufficient for these things?”

Agents must be selected, chosen of God, for

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