Ellen G. White Writings

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Loma Linda’s Work, Page 10

there, for by means of our very best educational talent we are to train our ministerial laborers. The work is to be carried after the Lord's order, and not according to the suppositions of men.

Not Large Salaries

“The Lord calls for the best talent to be united at this center for the carrying on of the work as he has directed, not the talent that will demand the largest salary, but the talent that will place itself on the side of Christ to work in his lines.

“We must have medical instructors who will teach the science of healing without the use of drugs. If physicians refuse to give their services unless they can be paid the highest wage, we shall not bribe them. We are to prepare a company of workers who will follow Christ's methods.

“A time will come when medical missionaries of other denominations will become jealous and envious of the influence exerted by Seventh-day Adventists who are working in these lines. They will feel that influence is being secured by our workers which they ought to have.

The Constant Danger

“There is constant danger among our people that those who engage in labor in our schools and sanitariums will entertain the idea that they must get in line with the world, study the things which the world studies, and become familiar with the things that the world becomes familiar with. This is one of the greatest mistakes that could be made. We shall make grave mistakes unless we give special attention to the searching of the word.

“Strong temptations will come to many who place their children in our schools because they desire the youth to secure what the world regards as the most essential education.

“Those who regard as essential the knowledge

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