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Camp-Meetings Their Object, and How to Conduct Them, Page 22

Christ within us as a well of water springing up unto everlasting life. Then our words are full of moisture. We are prepared to water others.

We must draw nigh to God. We must be labourers together with Him, else weakness and mistakes will be seen in all we undertake. If it were left to us to manage the interests of the cause of God in our own way, we would not have reason to expect much; but if self is hid in Christ, all our work will be wrought in God. Let us have faith in God at every step. While we realise our own weakness, let us not be faithless, but believing.

If we will take God at His word, we shall see of His salvation. The gospel that we present to save perishing souls must be the very gospel that saves our own souls. We must receive the word of God. We must eat the Word, live the Word, it is the flesh and the blood of the Son of God. We must eat His flesh and drink His blood,—receive by faith the spiritual attributes of Christ.

We must receive light and blessing, that we may have something to impart. It is the privilege of every worker first to talk with God in the secret place of prayer, and then to talk with the people as God's mouth piece. Men and women who commune with God, who have an abiding Christ, make the very atmosphere holy, because they are co-operating with holy angels. Such witness is needed for this time. We need the melting power of God, the power to draw with Christ.

Need of the Church

Many come to the camp-meeting with hearts full of murmuring and complaining. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, those who indulge in this murmuring must be led to see, that it is an offence to God. They must be led to feel

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