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Camp-Meetings Their Object, and How to Conduct Them, Page 38

may be revealed to sinners. Although they are dead in trespasses and sins, their attention must be aroused by the preaching of Christ and Him crucified. Men must be convicted of the evil of sin. The eyes of the transgressor must be enlightened. Let all who have been drawn to Christ tell the story of His love. Let every one who has felt the converting power of Christ upon his own soul do what he can in the name of the Lord.

The infinite value of the sacrifice required for our redemption reveals the fact that sin is a tremendous evil. God might have wiped out this foul blot from His creation by sweeping the sinner from the face of the earth. But He “So loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Why are not all who claim to love God, seeking to enlighten their neighbours and associates that they may no longer neglect this great salvation?

Christ gave Himself to a shameful, agonising death showing His great travail of soul to save the perishing. O, Christ is able, Christ is willing, Christ is longing to save all who will come unto Him. Talk to souls in peril and get them to behold Jesus upon the cross, dying to make it possible for Him to pardon. Talk to the sinner with your own heart over-flowing with the tender, pitying love of Christ. Let there be deep earnestness, but not a harsh, loud note should be heard from the one who is trying to win the soul to look and live. First have your own soul consecrated to God. As you look upon your Intercessor in heaven, let your heart be broken, Then, softened and subdued, you can address repenting sinners as one who realises the power of redeeming love. Pray with these souls, by faith bringing them, to

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