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Gospel Temperance Work, Page 3

Gospel Temperance Work

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An Appeal to Seventh-day Adventists Their Duty in Temperance Work

By Mrs. E. G. White

In the Front Ranks

Of all who claim to be numbered among the friends of temperance, Seventh-day Adventists should stand in the front ranks. For many years a flood of light concerning the principles of true reform has been shining on our pathway, and we are accountable before God to let this light shine to others. Years ago we regarded the spread of temperance principles as one of our most important duties. It should be so today.—Gospel Workers, 384.

A Revival of Temperance Work

Shall there not be among us as a people a revival of the temperance work? Why are we not putting forth much more decided efforts to oppose the liquor traffic, which is ruining the souls of men, and is causing violence and crime of every description? With the great light that God has intrusted to us, we should be in the forefront of every true reform. The use of drugged liquors is making men mad, and leading them to commit the most horrible crimes. Because of the wickedness that follows largely as the result of the use of liquor, the judgments of God are falling upon our earth today. Have we not a solemn responsibility to put forth earnest efforts in opposition to this great evil?—Counsels on Health, 432.

Called to the Front

While intemperance has its open avowed supporters, shall not we who claim to honor temperance come to the front and show ourselves firm on the side of temperance, striving for a crown of immortal life, and not giving the least influence to this terrible evil, intemperance, which is carrying both men and women from one degree to another of self-indulgence, and preparing their souls for perdition?—The Review and Herald, April 19, 1887.

A Call to Action

As the time draws near that is to decide the destiny of every soul, Satan will make strenuous efforts to corrupt the race. But Christ gave His life to save human beings. He pledged His divine word to work in behalf of humanity....

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