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Home and Church School Manual, Page 12

But further than this, they receive a wrong education by associating with children who have no training; who are left to obtain a street education. Satan uses these children to educate children who are more carefully brought up. Before Sabbath-keeping parents know what evil is being done, the lessons of depravity are learned, the souls of their children are corrupted.... I would rather that children grow up in a degree of ignorance of school education as it is today, and employ some other means to teach them.”—P.C.

Teachers and teaching

True education means more than taking a certain course of study. It is broad. It includes the harmonious development of all the physical powers and the mental faculties. It teaches the love and fear of God, and is a preparation for the faithful discharge of life's duties.

There is an education that is essentially worldly. Its aim is success in the world, the gratification of selfish ambition. To secure this education many students spend time and money in crowding their minds with unnecessary knowledge. The world accounts them learned; but God is not in their thoughts. They eat of the tree of worldly knowledge, which nourishes and strengthens pride. In their hearts they become disobedient and estranged from God; and their entrusted gifts are placed on the enemy's side. Much of the education at the present time is of this character. The world may regard it as highly desirable; but it increases the peril of the student.


There is another kind of education that is very different. Its fundamental principle, as stated by the greatest Teacher the world has ever known, is, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.” Its aim is not selfish; it is to honor God, and to serve him in the world. Both the studies pursued and the industrial training have this object in view. The word of God is studied; a vital connection with God is maintained, and the better feelings and traits of character are brought in exercise. This kind of education produces results as lasting as eternity. For “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” and better than all other knowledge is an understanding of his word.—Special Testimonies on Education, 47, 48.

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