Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to Our Ministers and Conference Committees, Page 33

unless you feed on Christ, eating his flesh and drinking his blood. Every moment is charged with eternal responsibilities. In the dealings of man with his fellowman, every transaction may be marked with the highest integrity; and yet, though justice and equity mark your business affairs, you must not permit yourself to be so engrossed with the things of time that you will fail to give attention to the things of eternal interest. The mind and body must not be treated with indiscretion. You must not act presumptuously, for you are not your own, you have been bought with a price, and are under obligation to keep God's property in a good condition. You are not required to protract your labors until you are worn out and exhausted, and cannot engage in religious exercises for the preservation of spiritual health. When you make your spiritual prosperity a thing of secondary importance, you abuse the property of God. By undue devotion to business, you defraud the soul of the opportunity to feast upon the words of eternal life, and so receive not the sustenance and inspiration necessary for the maintenance of spiritual life. Thus you fail to become the light of the world, and cannot represent your professed Lord to the people with whom you associate.

It is true that every moment is precious, and not one of them is to be wasted; but it is when you obtain the grace of the Holy Spirit through faith in God that you are qualified for the performance of your various duties, and can work with an eye single to the glory of God. Look at the days and weeks and months of the past, and see if your life service has not been one long, complicated robbery of God, because you have failed to remember him, and have left eternity out of your reckoning. By neglecting spiritual things, you have not only robbed your own soul, but the souls of your family; for by seeking temporal enrichment to the

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