Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimonies to Ministers and Workers—No. 3, Page 7

home, in association with others; it will be evinced by their patience and long suffering and kindliness. They will manifest the spirit of the Master, they will possess his beauty of character, his loveliness of disposition, his sympathetic heart.


April 23, 1894

Improvement in the Work

God calls for decided improvement to be made in the various branches of the work. The business done in connection with the cause of God must be marked with greater precision and exactitude. There have not been close, decided, firm efforts put forth to bring about essential reform. Some connected with the cause are drawing near to the close of their lives, and yet they have not so learned the lessons of the Bible, as to feel the necessity of bringing them into their practical life. They have wanted opportunities, and gracious blessings have been unappreciated because they did not wish to make a change. My Guide said, “Elevate the standard in all school education. You must set up no lower standard. Discipline must be maintained. Teach the youth by precept and example.” There has not been too much strictness but too much laxness of action tolerated. But the workers must not despair. Work with the spirit of Christ, with the mind of Christ to correct existing evils. Expect that the wrong-doers will have the sympathy of wrong-doers, but faithful shepherds of the flock have lessons to learn in order to keep on an elevated standard, and yet teach that the star of hope is still shining. Work on patiently; but rebuke sin firmly, and give it no sanction. The refuge of lies for the covering up of sin must be torn away, in order that poor deluded souls may not sleep on to their everlasting ruin. The world is soon to be left by the angel

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