Ellen G. White Writings

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A Message to Our Physicians, Page 15

by God to direct their feet in the right way.

“My soul is so greatly distressed, as I see the working out of the plans of the tempter, that I can not express the agony of my mind. Is the church of God always to be confused by the devices of the accuser, when Christ's warnings are so definite, so plain?”

“The tempter is working to gather together at Battle Creek as large a number as possible, hoping that they will receive false ideas of God and his work, and thus make of no effect the impression that God would have made on the minds of those engaged in the medical missionary work and in the gospel ministry. God abhors the great swelling words of vanity that have been spoken by those connected with the Sanitarium. The judgments of God have been visited upon Battle Creek, and these judgments call for humiliation rather than for proud boasting and self-exaltation.”

Danger to Students

As the Sanitarium is now located in Battle Creek, there is presented to me a very clear picture of the result of gathering students to a school in Battle Creek. By his judgments, God has revealed his displeasure at the way in which matters have been carried in the Sanitarium, and in the general management. There has not been a pure, fragrant, wholesome religious influence. The Lord does not design that the Sanitarium at Battle Creek shall be the center of education, drawing students

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