Ellen G. White Writings

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Letters to Physicians and Ministers, Page 20

is to prosecute her work. In the medical missionary work done by His followers, Jesus is to behold the travail of His soul. Human beings are to be snatched as brands from the burning.

All heaven is watching with intense anxiety to see what is to be the outcome of the work that is so large and so important. God is watching, the heavenly universe is watching; and souls are perishing. And a change has come that has hindered the work which God designed should move forward without a trace of selfishness. Is the enterprise of mercy through which in the past God has manifested His grace in rescuing the ignorant, the sick, and the sorrowing, to become a matter of selfish merchandise? Shall God's agency of blessing be used by those who profess to believe the truth, in buying and selling and getting gain?

The experience of apostolic days will come to us if men will be worked by the Holy Spirit. The Lord will withdraw His blessing where selfish interests are indulged; but He will put His people in possession of good throughout the world, if they will unselfishly use their ability for the uplifting of humanity. His work is to be a sign of His benevolence, a sign that will win the confidence of the world and bring in resources for the advancement of the gospel.

God will test the sincerity of men. Those who will deny self, take up the cross, and follow Christ, will have a continual work to do in the line of restoring. Those who sacrifice for truth make a deep impression on the world. Their example is contagious and convincing. Men see that there is in the church that faith which works by love and purifies the soul. But when those who profess to be working only for God seek to

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