Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to the Church Regarding our Youth Going to Battle Creek Obtain An Education, Page 60

Creek, in places where there is a different religious atmosphere. By fire the Lord removed the great argument in favor of gathering many students to Battle Creek. He swept away the Sanitarium to prevent the carrying out of the idea that Battle Creek was to be the great center for the training of medical students. To carry out this idea would be out of harmony with the work for these last days and with the plans of the Lord.

The Deceptions of Satan

The light given me is that we shall be tested and proved, that Satan will come to us as he came to Christ,—as an angel of light. The heavenly universe is looking upon us with intense interest. We have been regarded as a people moving under God's guidance, and enjoying a remarkable record of success and prosperity. But a new chapter has been opened. There are among us those who are binding up with the world. They are not standing out in moral independence, trusting to the Lord to carry his work to completion.

I have been instructed to place before our people the instruction given by the Lord to Israel to keep them separate from the world....

It is not he Lord's plan that sanitariums as large as the one in Battle Creek shall be erected. When so large a number of patients are gathered together, it is impossible to give them the religious instruction that God designs the patients in our sanitariums to have. And the erection of so large an institution

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