Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church Containing Messages of Warning and Instruction to Seventh-day Adventists, Page 52

not discern their true condition. Many are being led astray. The blind are leaders of the blind. And unless these deluded souls, both the leaders and their followers, are converted and transformed, they will not, can not, be laborers together with God.

We are now in a perilous position. Our only hope is to follow on earnestly, determinedly, and to leave the events for the Lord to manage. I tremble for the men who have not walked in the footsteps of the self-denying, self-sacrificing Redeemer. I greatly fear that they will become lost in the fog and the quicksands, and never be overcomers. I can not endure the thought of their remaining deceived. And although they have greatly erred by not following in the footsteps of our heavenly Leader, Christ Jesus, some refuse to confess their errors. They persist in trying to make it appear as if they have made no mistakes, and have not been led by seducing spirits, when I know that they have; for thus saith the One who is truth,—and no lie is of the truth.

The ways and works that have been developed in Battle Creek since the General Conference of 1901, cause me to tremble for those who are there; for many have been acting as if blinded by satanic agencies. Little do these men know of the bearing that their leading position of influence has had on the minds of men who should never have had a trace of the experience and the example that they have had with the one who has long stood in the position of physician-in-chief. No dependence can be placed in a man whose words and actions reveal that he is spiritually blind. The leading physician of our medical work maintains that he has never departed from the truth, and yet the testimonies state that he is not familiar with the Bible foundation of truth. What can be said regarding a man who claims to have walked in the path of righteousness, in accordance with the Lord's guidance, ever since he has been old

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