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Jehovah Is Our King, Page 21

Chapter 3—Workers in the Cause

[Extracts from the Testimonies for the Church 5:721-729.]

As year by year the work extends, the need of experienced and faithful workers becomes more urgent; and if the people of God walk in His counsel, such workers will be developed. While we should rely firmly upon God for wisdom and power, He would have us cultivate our ability to the fullest extent. As the workers acquire mental and spiritual power, and become acquainted with the purposes and dealings of God, they will have more comprehensive views of the work for this time, and will be better qualified both to devise and to execute plans for its advancement. Thus they may keep pace with the opening providences of God.

A constant effort should be put forth to enlist new workers. Talent should be discerned and recognized. Persons who possess piety and ability should be encouraged to obtain the necessary education, that they may be fitted to assist in spreading the light of truth. All who are competent to do so, should be led to engage in some branch of the work, according to their capabilities.

Much talent has been lost to the cause, because men in responsible positions did not discern it. Their vision was not far-reaching enough to discover that the work was becoming altogether too extended to be carried forward by the workers then engaged. Much, very much, which should have been accomplished, is still undone, because men have held things in their own hands instead of distributing the work among a larger number, and trusting that God would help them in their efforts. They

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