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Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers, Page 15

that gentleman physicians should do the work of mid-wives. The Bible speaks of women at child birth being attended by women, and thus it ought always to be. Women should be educated and trained to act skillfully as midwives and physicians to their sex. It is just as important that a line of study be given to educate women to deal with women's diseases, as it is that there should be gentlemen thoroughly trained to act as physicians and surgeons. And the wages of the women should be proportionate to her services. She should be as much appreciated in her work as the gentleman physician is appreciated in his work.

Let us educate ladies to become intelligent in the work of treating the diseases of their sex. They will some time need the counsel and assistance of experienced gentlemen physicians. When brought into trying places let all be led by Supreme wisdom. Let all bear in mind that they need and may have the wisdom of the Great Physician in their work.

We ought to have a school where women can be educated by women physicians, to do the best possible work in treating the diseases of women.

Among us as a people, the medical work should stand at its highest. Physicians should bear in mind that it is their work to fit souls as well as bodies for heavenly lives. Their service for God is to be uncorrupted by evil practices.

Every practitioner should study carefully the Word of God. Read the story of the sons of Aaron in the tenth chapter of Leviticus, verses one to eleven. Here was a case where the the use of wine benumbed the senses. The Lord demands that the appetite and all the habits of life of the physician be kept under strict control. While dealing with the bodies of their patients, they are to constantly remember that the eye of God is upon their work.

The most exalted part of the physician's work is to lead the men and women under their care to see that the cause of disease is the violation of the laws of health, and to encourage them to higher and holier views of life. Instruction should be given that will provide an antidote for the diseases of the soul as well as for the sickness of the body. Only that sanitarium will be a healthful institution where right principles are established. The physician, who knowing the remedy for the diseases of the soul and body, neglects the educational part of his work, will have to give an account of his neglect in the day of judgment. Strict purity of language and every word and action is to be guarded.

Ellen G. White

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