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Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers, Page 6

Gilead for the sin-sick souls of all who would be healed. His zeal for God's glory and his deep love for the house of Israel present lessons for the instruction of all who stand today as representatives of God's work in the earth. Let the conductors of our institutional work catch the spirit of zeal felt by Elijah and learn its intensity. Let them seek for the grace of God that will give them an experience in advance of that which they have heretofore enjoyed. Let them love the work of God, and pray for its advancement in the world.

The following is my talk to the Paradise Valley Sanitarium:—

A Deeper Consecration

Last night I seemed to be in a meeting where there were present leading men who were asking questions concerning the sanitarium work; and I had many things to say to them regarding the sacredness of this work. I told them that the Lord desired us to consecrate ourselves unreservedly to Him, and that in this work everything like lightness and trifling was out of place, because we are preparing for the serious events that will come in the future. I was deeply in earnest in telling them that they were to take their position decidedly to maintain a high standard as men and women who are preparing for victory. In the future many trying experiences will arise, and we must be ready to meet them.

I told them that the enemy would seek to introduce a cheap experience among the leading workers in our sanitariums; but that the Lord would greatly help all who will depend upon God to work with them. If we will take our position firmly for the right, there will be a mold placed upon this sanitarium that it is according to the divine plan,—a mold that will be seen in every leader, every physician and every minister connected with the institution.

The men who are holding important positions must bear in mind that there will come here those who know little of

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