Ellen G. White Writings

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Amalgamation, Table of Contents

Contents 1
Introduction 1
Chapter 1—What Does the Word “Amalgamation” Mean? 2
Chapter 2—What Does the Key Phrase Mean? 3
Chapter 3—The Results of Amalgamation 3
Chapter 4—The Divine Image Defaced 4
Chapter 5—Parallel Passages Summarized 5
Chapter 6—Second Passage Examined 6
Chapter 7—Three Important Conclusions 6
Chapter 8—Darwinism and Creationism 7
Chapter 9—Was It Sin? 7
Chapter 10—The Plan of God for Eden 8
Chapter 11—Satan and the Animal Kingdom 8
Chapter 12—A Belief Consistent With Scripture 9
Chapter 13—Mrs. White Focuses on Satan as Evil Power 9
Chapter 14—Statement Not Found in “Patriarchs and Prophets” 10