Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimonies for Ministers and Workers—No. 6, Table of Contents

Table of Contents 3
Table of Contents 3
The Need of Spiritual Discernment 3
Meetings at St. Helena, Cal 4
Mingling of Believers With Unbelievers 10
Strength in Union with Christ 15
Working of the Holy Spirit 18
Sad Effects of Doubt and Hesitation 20
Danger in Hesitation 23
The “American Sentinel” 25
The Responsibility of a Connection with God's Work 27
What Constitutes a Christian 29
Frequent Cause of Failure 31
Special Dangers of Those in Positions of Responsibility 32
A Daily Christian Experience Essential 33
The Stewardship of Men 35
The Office of Misfortune and Adversity 35
Position Powerless to Sanctify 36
God the Source of Strength 38
The Evil of Self-Serving 39
Evils of Unsanctified Consolidation 40
Divine Unity Necessary 40
The Pre-Eminence of the Work of Saving Souls 42
The Fallibility of Human Judgment 43
Not to Be Conscience for Our Fellow Men 44
Proper Methods of Work in the Southern Field 47
The Need of Divine Guidance 56
Danger of Contracting the Work 56
When Personal Oversight of Details is Inconsistent 58
The Work Not Circumscribed By the Counsel of God 59
Important Principles 61
Effects of Constantly Following the Plans of Others 63
Necessity of Diversity of Talents in Conference Management 64
Danger of Undue Personal Responsibilities 66