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    One thing further, and which takes us back to the second chapter of Daniel. The stone which smote the great image that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream, struck the image where? Verse 34: “Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them in pieces.”MON 39.1

    And when that image was struck upon its feet, what became of all the rest of it?—“Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken in pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing-floors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them; and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.” Verse 35.MON 39.2

    That great image was the image of a man. A stone strikes him on the feet. And, behold, by that stroke on the feet, this whole body, from head to feet, is dashed to pieces, and is made as chaff in the winds. A most curious thing! Since it is desired to destroy all the life that is in him, upon all natural considerations he would have to be smitten upon some more vital part than are the feet. Yet if, in order utterly to dash out the life of a man, and completely to destroy him from head to feet, it were necessary to smite him on the feet, this of itself would be evidence that the seat of life was in his feet. Such is the case here under consideration. The stone cut out without hands, smote the image upon his feet, and the whole was broken to pieces together, from head to feet.MON 39.3

    That stone represents the kingdom of God. That kingdom is to be set up “in the days of these kings” that are represented in the divisions of the feet. The divisions of the feet are the toes (Daniel 2:41, 44), representing the original ten kingdoms into which Western Rome was divided: seven of which remain after the rooting up of the three, which seven are to-day the powers of Western Europe. And that stone, which is the kingdom of God, smites the image upon its feet, the divisions of which are the kingdoms of Western Europe. In these kingdoms of Western Europe to-day is the seat of life of all that ever composed the image. And to dash in pieces and make as chaff in the wind all that ever composed the image, it must be smitten in these divisions of the feet, which are the kingdoms of Western Europe.MON 40.1

    Consider; the head of that image was Babylon; and Babylon was the center of the Euphrates country. That country is now owned and controlled by Turkey. But what is the life of Turkey?—The nations of Europe that are represented in the toes of the image. Turkey has existed there more than fifty years solely by the resolve of the great powers. Then when God wants to destroy all of the governmental life in that which was the head—Babylon—he must strike these nations where lies the seat of life of the nation that holds ancient Babylon. That nation is Turkey, whose seat of life lies in a combination of Powers, of which Britain, France, and Germany are vital parts. So when these divisions of the feet are smitten, it strikes out all of the life that was ever in the head of the image.MON 40.2

    Next, take the sides of the image: Greece—the sides of brass. Greece is a kingdom to-day; but what kind of a kingdom?—A kingdom that was set up by the Powers, of which Britain, France, and Germany are vital parts. Only two years ago, when Turkey and Greece were at war, and Turkey had beaten Greece, the Powers stepped in, called a halt in the war, and directed the two parties in what they should do. Turkey withdrew her troops; Greece made satisfaction, and all by the direction and wholly according to the arrangements of the Powers. What and where, then, is the life of Greece, which was the sides of brass of that image?—It is in these Powers represented in the feet.MON 41.1

    Thus the Spirit of God, looking through all of the history, has told of the end of the world, and how the end shall come. He saw these mighty nations controlling all of the territory of the world at the time of the end. He saw that in these great nations is the life of all that was represented in the great image. And He saw that by smiting the Powers which are represented in the toes, the life of all the parts of the whole image would be destroyed; because in these Powers lies the seat of life of all that is of that image to-day.MON 41.2

    So, then, these scriptures noticed in this pamphlet are the messages of God to the people of the world concerning the nations to-day. And all the nations are definitely included, even to this far-off western nation of the United States. Think of it! Only in 1898 did this nation of the United States become mixed up with the powers of the world. Until 1898 here was a nation set afar off from the other nations; a nation that had no connection whatever with the European nations. It was the “isolated nation.” But, behold, all at once, by a single leap, as it were, this isolated nation becomes one of the very leading world-powers, and a power ofthe East.”MON 41.3

    And now, because of possessing the Philippines—the Eastern possessions of the United States—this nation becomes involved with the others in the affairs of China. In the winter of 1898-99 Lord Charles Beresford went to China in the interests of the Associated Chambers of Commerce, of Britain. He returned through the United States, and made speeches to boards of trade in San Francisco, Omaha, and other cities, insisting constantly that the United States must join hand in the hand with Japan, Great Britain, and Germany, in China, as against Russia and France, and the interests which they control. He insisted that if Great Britain, Germany, the United States, and Japan should stand together, they could hold the balance of power in China, could maintain “the open door,” and prevent, for a time at least, the break-up of China.MON 42.1

    The United States entered the lists, and alone “demanded” and secured the “open door:” not, indeed, to prevent the partitioning of China, but to secure the “open door” for herself and all the nations to Chinese trade. Thus this hitherto far-off and “isolated” nation is now one of “the kings of the East” as certainly as is any other nation. “The way of the kings of the East” is being rapidly prepared; and when that “way” shall be fully prepared, this nation, equally with all the others, will be gathered to “the battle of that great day of God Almighty.”MON 42.2

    “In the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom.” That time has come. That kingdom “shall never be destroyed;” because eternal justice and judgment are the foundations of its throne. It “shall not be left to other people;” because the people of the kingdom shall be all righteous, and in possession of eternal life. That kingdom “shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms” of the earth, and it shall stand forever; because He has “come whose right it is” to reign. And to all people He sends the wondrous message, “He “that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My throne.”MON 43.1

    And—MON 43.2

    “O joy, O delight, should we go without dying!
    No sickness, no sorrow, no dread, and no crying;
    Caught up through the air, with our Lord into glory,
    When Jesus receives His own.”
    MON 43.3

    “He’s coming once again,
    To set His people free;
    That where He is in glory bright,
    His saints may also be.
    Then lift the drooping head,
    Look up, rejoice and sing;
    He comes, in majesty sublime,
    Salvation’s glorious King!
    MON 43.4

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