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Thoughts on the Sabbath & the Perpetuity of the Law of God

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    By M. N. Stevens

    Now dawns through heaven and earth the Sabbath day.
    Auspicious season, hail! With cheerful song
    Thy glad return we celebrate below,
    While, though in loftier yet symphonious strains
    Angelic choirs thy welcome chant above.
    TSPL 30.3

    Yes, thou art welcome, for thy holy sway
    Quells the wild tumult of the troubled soul,
    And softly whispers peace. The sorrowing heart
    Crows glad at thine approach, and spirits faint,
    Fanned by thy hallow’d breath, revive and smile.
    From the rapt vision fades the world away. And saints in union sweet, draw near to heaven.
    TSPL 30.4

    Thou prince of days, expressly made for man!
    O, had we seraph harps, we’d sing thy praise
    In numbers worthy the exalted theme.
    We’d rise superior to the angelic throng,
    And their impassioned minstrels outvie;
    Because this sacred morn for us doth shine.
    (Poor pilgrims wandering ‘mid earth’s gloom profound.)
    To us by the creating hand was given
    This dear memorial of creating love;
    This beacon lighted at the burning Throne,
    Piercing night’s deepest shades, and scattering wide
    Celestial radiance on the darksome way.
    TSPL 31.1

    We will ascribe to God the glory due;
    Will honor him who sitteth on the throne,
    And will rejoice before him; for his name
    Is high exalted far above all gods.
    Honor and might and majesty are his.
    Creation bears his signature divine,
    And loud attests the greatness of his power.
    TSPL 31.2

    Ere ancient time his measured course began,
    When embryo earth appeared, formless and void,
    When silence reigned, and universal night
    Mantled the bosom of the mighty deep:
    Then went the mandate forth, th’omnific word,
    Borne on the breath of Deity afar,
    Traversed the echoing gloom; - nor void returned;
    Nature awoke, responsive to the call,
    And sprang to life in all her varied forms.
    And in th’ approval of the smiling God,
    Exulting, her majestic course began.
    TSPL 31.3

    Six days the Almighty labored with his word;
    But now his labors ceased and heralded
    By the clear anthem of the “morning stars,”
    Crowned with excessive glory, shone on high
    The first Sabbatic morn. To greet its dawn
    All heaven joined in univocal song;
    Mellifluous voices filled the balmy air,
    Accompanied by harps of sweetest note,
    Hymning the praises of creating love,
    And the bright glories of the day of rest. Momentous day! its first observer, He,
    The high and lofty One, whose fearful name
    Gleams as a signet on its holy brow.
    Alone ordained and sanctified by Him,
    And with His blessing blest forevermore.
    TSPL 31.4

    When from the sacred Mount,
    Whose cloudy top and trembling base proclaimed
    The awful grandeur of its Guest sublime,
    In thunder once went forth the “royal law,”
    God’s will to man, made known in ten commands,
    On that dread morn, while to its centre shook
    The steadfast earth, and Israel in dismay
    Turned from the fearful sight, nor could endure
    The voice of Him that spake; the great decree,
    Unchangeable, was passed on all below.
    “Six days may work be done, but on the seventh,
    Which is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God,
    Thou and all thine shalt rest; for in six days
    The Lord made heaven and earth an all therein,
    And rested on the seventh, and hallowed it.”
    TSPL 32.1

    Based on this grand foundation, stands secure
    The Sabbath of the LORD. And who art thou
    That rashly dream’st to pluck this fabric down,
    And on its ruins to erect thine own,
    Thy blest, thy sanctified! Shortsighted man!
    Canst thou command unnumbered worlds from naught!
    “Or canst thou thunder with a voice like Him’
    Then mayest thou think to change the law divine
    Thy weakness know, and know that God is strong,
    And jealous of his glory; and who dares
    With impious hand to touch his high renown,
    Shall his displeasure prove, and taste his ire.
    TSPL 32.2

    Blest all-immortal day! Ah, it shall STAND
    Unmoved amid the strife of mortal tongues -
    Unmoved amid the ruin of the world;
    And while Eternity his mighty years
    Shall roll unnumbered o’er the earth made new.
    Effulgent shine in glory’s noontide ray,
    By nations who are saved, observed for aye.
    Paris, Me., Dec., 1850.
    TSPL 32.3

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