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    General Index

    ALEXANDER, the Great, first king of the Grecian Empire, 54; his generous treatment of the royal Persian captives, 55; his self-conceit, 55; his debaucheries and death, 56; celerity of his movements, 148; his pompous claim, 149, how his kingdom was divided into four parts, 150; fulfils Daniel 11:3, 4, 223; his posterity extinct in 15 years, id.; names of the four generals who divided his kingdom, 224; their territory, id.DAR 752.1

    Anointing the most holy, what, 212.DAR 752.2

    Antiochus Magnus fulfils Daniel 11:13, 230.DAR 752.3

    Actium, battle of, 248.DAR 752.4

    Antony, death of, 249.DAR 752.5

    Abomination that maketh desolate set up, 259.DAR 752.6

    A new power introduced, 264.DAR 752.7

    Assistance rendered Turkey, 282.DAR 752.8

    Armenian atrocities, 291.DAR 752.9

    Angel, Christ’s, who, 325.DAR 752.10

    Angel of the church, who, 347.DAR 752.11

    Antipas, who, 355.DAR 752.12

    A clean universe, 399.DAR 752.13

    Alaric invades Rome, 456.DAR 752.14

    Attila, the Hun, ranks with Alaric and Genseric, in the destruction of the Roman Empire, 460, 461.DAR 752.15

    Abubeker, his singular commands to his army, 474.DAR 752.16

    Anger of the nations, when, 506.DAR 752.17

    American statistics, 537.DAR 752.18

    A. Campbell describes sects, 558.DAR 752.19

    Ark of testament in Heaven, 623.DAR 752.20

    Armageddon, battle of, 651.DAR 752.21

    Angels not disembodied souls, 683.DAR 752.22

    Azazel, name of the Devil, 688.DAR 752.23

    A thousand years in Heaven, 696.DAR 752.24

    Adding to, or taking from, 725.DAR 752.25

    BABYLONISH Empire, the head of gold, 43; when founded, id.; its extent, 44; how universal, 45.DAR 752.26

    Bible names, significance of, 28.DAR 752.27

    Babylon, city, description of; stratagem of Cyrus by which it was taken. 49; its final ruin, 51.DAR 752.28

    Belshazzar, son of Nabonadius, joint ruler with his father, 48; his impious feast, 94; chosen by Cyrus as the time to capture Babylon, 94; its conclusion, 98; poetical description of, by Sir Edwin Arnold, 99-105.DAR 752.29

    Bear, a symbol of Medo-Persia, 116.DAR 752.30

    Beast, great and terrible, symbol of Rome, 118.DAR 752.31

    Berenice married by Antiochus, 226; murdered by Laodice, id.DAR 752.32

    Bonaparte dreams of glory, 274; Egyptian expedition, 275; his views of Russia, 286.DAR 752.33

    Blessing, the, at end of 1335 days, what, 315.DAR 752.34

    Balaam, his doctrine, what, 356.DAR 752.35

    Book of life, 365.DAR 752.36

    Beasts, four, who, 388.DAR 752.37

    Books, ancient, style of, 391.DAR 752.38

    Bottomless pit, meaning of, 472, 690.DAR 752.39

    Beast of Revelation 13:1, and little horn of Daniel 7:25, identical, 524.DAR 752.40

    Beast, image to, what, 546; mark of, what, 550.DAR 752.41

    Babylon, symbolical, what, 600.DAR 752.42

    Bride, the Lamb’s wife, who, 682, 706.DAR 752.43

    Benediction on commandment keepers, 721.DAR 752.44

    Binding of Satan, what, 691.DAR 752.45

    Cyaxeres, the Mede, called in Daniel 5:31 Darius, 48.DAR 752.46

    Cyrus, son of Cambyses, king of Persia, nephew of Cyaxeres, or Darius, king of the Medes, 53; conquered Babylon, B. C. 538, 53; takes the throne on the death of Darius, 106; his decree for the return of the Jews, 53; length of his reign, 53; his successors, 53.DAR 752.47

    Chronology of the kingdom of God, 69-72.DAR 753.1

    Changing times and laws, what, 140.DAR 753.2

    Christian era, 202, note.DAR 753.3

    Commandment of Cyrus, Darius, and Artaxerxes one decree, 206.DAR 753.4

    Caesar, Julius, assumes control of Egypt, 236; is captivated by Cleopatra, 237; fulfils Daniel 11:18, 19, 238.DAR 753.5

    Caesar, Augustus, a raiser of taxes, fulfils Daniel 11:20, 239.DAR 753.6

    Caesar, Tiberius, fulfils Daniel 11:21, 22, 240.DAR 753.7

    Chittim, what country, 253.DAR 753.8

    Christ’s present reign, 295; change of position, id.DAR 753.9

    Conscious state of the dead not proved by Daniel 12:2, 301.DAR 753.10

    Churches, the seven, cover the whole gospel age, 327-329.DAR 753.11

    Coming of Christ visible, 333.DAR 753.12

    Candlesticks, meaning of, 342.DAR 753.13

    Confession and denial of Christ, 366.DAR 753.14

    Cold and hot, signification of, 372.DAR 753.15

    Chastisement, a token of love, 378.DAR 753.16

    Consulship of Rome extinguished by Justinian, 465.DAR 753.17

    Chosroes, king of Persia, 470.DAR 753.18

    Constantine XIII, last emperor of the East, 481.DAR 753.19

    Constantinople, siege and overthrow of, 481.DAR 753.20

    Character of U. S. government, 538, 539.DAR 753.21

    Catholic catechisms, testimony of, 555-557.DAR 753.22

    Church and state in America, 563-574.DAR 753.23

    Christian Endeavor, aims of, 573.DAR 753.24

    Chronology of third message, 621.DAR 753.25

    Convulsions of nature, 677.DAR 753.26

    Closing thoughts, 726.DAR 753.27

    Daniel and Revelation counterparts of each other, 3.DAR 753.28

    Daniel’s prophecy to be understood, 5; Daniel and Ezekiel 21, 22; Daniel’s place in prophecy, 22: source of his fame, id.; nature of his prophecy, 23; his integrity, 29; his exaltation, 76; his wonderful prayer, 184; his age and decease, 23.DAR 753.29

    Date of the captivity, 32.DAR 753.30

    Daily, Daniel 8:11-13, what, 157.DAR 753.31

    Darius Codomannus, the last king of Persia before Grecia, 53; overthrown at Arbela, 331 B. C., 54; his sad end, 55.DAR 753.32

    Dura, the site of Nebuchadnezzar’s rival image, 78; dedication of the image, 79; integrity of the three worthies, 81; Nebuchadnezzar’s rage, id.; their deliverance, 82; Nebuchadnezzar’s conversion, 83.DAR 753.33

    Daniel in the lions’ den, 106-112; recognized by Paul as a true record, 107.DAR 753.34

    Days, the 2300, why not explained in Daniel 8, 182; explained in chapter 9, 187-190; reach to cleansing of heavenly sanctuary, 178; termination of, 267.DAR 753.35

    Dates of Christ’s baptism and crucifixion, 244.DAR 753.36

    Daniel 8:11; 11:31, and Revelation 13:2, parallel, 255.DAR 753.37

    Daily taken away, how, 255.DAR 753.38

    Decree of Justinian, 259, 260.DAR 753.39

    Days, the 1290, 313; the 1335, 314.DAR 753.40

    Distinction between Christ and God, 330.DAR 753.41

    Door opened in heaven, 384.DAR 753.42

    Dragon, symbol, in one form, of Satan; in another, of Rome, 514.DAR 753.43

    De Tocqueville’s testimony, 529.DAR 753.44

    Dimensions of the holy city, 709.DAR 753.45

    ENOCH contemporary with Adam, 3.DAR 753.46

    Ezra receives decree to restore Jerusalem, 198.DAR 753.47

    Era, Christian, 202, note.DAR 753.48

    Events of the year 508 A. D., 258.DAR 753.49

    Exploits of saints, 263,DAR 753.50

    Eastern question, what, 283.DAR 753.51

    Ephesus, meaning of, 347.DAR 753.52

    Eye-salve, meaning of, 376.DAR 753.53

    Elders, four and twenty, who, 386.DAR 753.54

    Earthquake, the great, at Lisbon, 414-418.DAR 753.55

    Euphrates, symbolic, what, 647.DAR 753.56

    Eminent reformers, 741.DAR 753.57

    FAMOUS marches of Alexander, 117.DAR 753.58

    Four beasts, Daniel’s vision of, 113.DAR 753.59

    Four heads of leopard, what, 117; arose when, id.DAR 753.60

    France an atheistical power, 265; fulfils Daniel 11:36-40, 264-273; fulfils Revelation 11:7-13, 500-504.DAR 753.61

    Franco-Prussian war, bearing on prophecy, 284.DAR 754.1

    Five months of Revelation 9:10, where located, 478.DAR 754.2

    Firearms prophesied of, 482, note.DAR 754.3

    First settlements in America, 536.DAR 754.4

    Forever and ever, meaning of, 632.DAR 754.5

    GOD’ S people preserve the world, 38.DAR 754.6

    Grecia, the brass of the great image, 54; the leopard of Daniel 7:6. 116; the goat of Daniel 8:5, 147; comes into prophecy B. C. 331, at battle of Arbela, 148; continues till league of Jews with the Romans, B. C. 161, seventy years, 153.DAR 754.7

    Gabriel, a prominent angel, 179; his glory, id.DAR 754.8

    Genseric, the Vandal, 253.DAR 754.9

    Glories of the stellar worlds. 303, 304.DAR 754.10

    God of forces, 271, note.DAR 754.11

    Gold tried in the fire explained, 375.DAR 754.12

    Glass, sea of, what, 388.DAR 754.13

    Genseric, naval warfare of, 458, 459; efforts of emperors Majorian and Leo against him fail, 459. 460.DAR 754.14

    Gov. Pownall’s testimony. 529.DAR 754.15

    Geo. Alfred Townsend’s testimony, 529.DAR 754.16

    Great wonders originating in the U. S., 542, 543.DAR 754.17

    Gluttony rebuked, 676,DAR 754.18

    Horn with eyes and mouth, a symbol of the papacy. 119. 124-127.DAR 754.19

    Horns, the three, plucked up before little horn, 128-136.DAR 754.20

    He-goat, as a symbol, explained, 147.DAR 754.21

    Horn, notable, of the goat, explained, 148.DAR 754.22

    Horns, four, of the goat, what, 150.DAR 754.23

    Horn, little, of Daniel 8, not a symbol of Antiochus Epiphanes, 151; but a symbol of Rome, 153: how it came forth from one of the four horns of the goat, 153; accurately fulfilled by. Rome, 154-156; further explained, 181.DAR 754.24

    Hypocrisy of Antony and Caesar, 181.DAR 754.25

    How long to the end, 310, 311.DAR 754.26

    Heraclius’s bold enterprise, 471.DAR 754.27

    Hailstorm, the final, 655.DAR 754.28

    Heads, the seven, explained, 659.DAR 754.29

    Heaven and earth flee away, how, 698.DAR 754.30

    Interpretation, two systemsDAR 754.31

    of, 4; Origen’s mystical system, id.DAR 754.32

    Image, great world-kingdom, of Daniel 2:31, 41; adapted to Nebuchadnezzar’s position, 42.DAR 754.33

    Indignation, what, 179.DAR 754.34

    Interpolation in Revelation 1:11. 341.DAR 754.35

    Injustice in Switzerland, 577.DAR 754.36

    Jerusalem’s overthrow predicted, 25; three times taken by Babylon, id.DAR 754.37

    Judgment, investigative, 120.DAR 754.38

    Justinian, papal decree, when established, 262.DAR 754.39

    John, why banished, 337.DAR 754.40

    Jews, who are, 352.DAR 754.41

    Jezebel, who, 359.DAR 754.42

    John Palaeologus, death of, 480.DAR 754.43

    Judgment before second advent, 598.DAR 754.44

    KEEPING the commandments, what, 631.DAR 754.45

    Key to movements in heaven, 296.DAR 754.46

    Knowledge, increase of, 306-309.DAR 754.47

    Kingdom of Revelation 1:9, meaning of. 336.DAR 754.48

    Key of David, what, 367.DAR 754.49

    Kitchens in churches, 616.DAR 754.50

    Laodice put away by Antiochus, recalled, poisons him, and seats her son on the throne, 226.DAR 754.51

    Last war against Babylon, 48.DAR 754.52

    Legs of image do not signify eastern and western Rome, 64.DAR 754.53

    Lion, a symbol of Babylon, 115.DAR 754.54

    Leopard, a symbol of Grecia, 116.DAR 754.55

    Life of fourth beast not prolonged like that of the others, 121.DAR 754.56

    League between Jews and Romans, 234, 244.DAR 754.57

    Lot. meaning of, 317.DAR 754.58

    Land divided for gain, 272.DAR 754.59

    Lord’s day, meaning of, 338, 344.DAR 754.60

    Laodicea, meaning of, 371.DAR 754.61

    Lamps of fire, the seven, what, 388.DAR 754.62

    Location of government symbolized by two-horned beast, 531.DAR 754.63

    Last church not to perish, 577, 578.DAR 754.64

    Lake of fire repeated, 697.DAR 755.1

    Life, book of, 701.DAR 755.2

    Magicians, etc., who, 33; theirDAR 755.3

    cunning, issue of the struggle between them and Nebuchadnezzar, 34, 35; God’s providence manifest in their overthrow, 36.DAR 755.4

    Medo-Persia, the breast and arms of the great image, 52; how inferior to the head, id.; chief Scriptural event in its history, 53; overthrew Babylon, B. C. 538, and continued 207 years, 116.DAR 755.5

    Martyrs by the papacy, estimated, 137-140.DAR 755.6

    Michael, who, 219, 294.DAR 755.7

    Mithridates assists Caesar in Egypt, 237,DAR 755.8

    Morning Star, the, who, 362.DAR 755.9

    Moon darkened, 422.DAR 755.10

    Momyllus, nicknamed Augustulus, last emperor of Rome, 463.DAR 755.11

    Mohammedanism, rise of, 470.DAR 755.12

    Mystery of God, what, 493.DAR 755.13

    Mark of beast, what, 559; who have it? 560, 561.DAR 755.14

    Mistake of Adventists in 1844, 598.DAR 755.15

    Nebuchadnezzar’s wiseDAR 755.16

    policy, 27; commendable character, 40; his humiliation and final decree, 85-93.DAR 755.17

    Nabonadius, the last king of Babylon, 48.DAR 755.18

    Nehemiah’s grant not a decree, 199.DAR 755.19

    North, king of, who, 224, 273.DAR 755.20

    Nicolaitanes, who, 349.DAR 755.21

    Name, new, unknown, 358.DAR 755.22

    Nineveh, battle of, 471.DAR 755.23

    National Reform movement, its aims, 571.DAR 755.24

    “Number of his name,” what, 580.DAR 755.25

    Once in grace, always in grace,” disproved, 365.DAR 755.26

    Opening and shutting, meaning of, 367.DAR 755.27

    Odoacer governs Italy, 466.DAR 755.28

    Ottoman supremacy, fall of, 485.DAR 755.29

    Our deeds all recorded, 699.DAR 755.30

    Overturning of kingdom three times, 180.DAR 755.31

    Prayer often heard before answers appear, 218.DAR 755.32

    Prophecy, importance of, 4.DAR 755.33

    Ptolemy, king of Egypt, fulfils Daniel 11:5, 225.DAR 755.34

    Ptolemy Philadelphus fulfils Daniel 11:6, 225.DAR 755.35

    Ptolemy Euergetes fulfils Daniel 11:7-9, 226.DAR 755.36

    Ptolemy Philopater fulfils Daniel 11:11, 12, 228.DAR 755.37

    Ptolemy Epiphanes supported by Rome, 233.DAR 755.38

    Pompey takes Jerusalem, 234; quarrels with Caesar, 236; flees to Egypt and is murdered, id.DAR 755.39

    Ptolemy and Cleopatra placed under guardianship of Rome, 235.DAR 755.40

    Prince of the covenant, who, 243.DAR 755.41

    Peter the Great, will of, 285.DAR 755.42

    Present situation in Turkey, 292, note.DAR 755.43

    Patmos, view of, 336.DAR 755.44

    Paradise withdrawn from the earth, 350; where, id.DAR 755.45

    Pergamos, meaning of, 354.DAR 755.46

    Philadelphia, signification of, 366.DAR 755.47

    Paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 15:24-28, 382.DAR 755.48

    Prophetic time, close of, 492.DAR 755.49

    Persecuting powers, professedly Christian, 520.DAR 755.50

    Pope Pius VI, death of, 526.DAR 755.51

    Political changes in the world between 1817 and 1867, 530.DAR 755.52

    Proclamation of Christ’s coming, 585; not given by the apostles or the Reformers, 588; belongs to the present generation, 590; its extent, 594-596.DAR 755.53

    Protestant church not true to its profession, 605.DAR 755.54

    Plagues, seven last, poured out, 641.DAR 755.55

    Perdition of ungodly men, when, 694; they never tread the new earth, 695.DAR 755.56

    Punishment, degrees of, 699.DAR 755.57

    Prominent martyrs, 738.DAR 755.58

    Rome, the legs of iron, 56; the terrible beast, 118; the horn of Daniel 8, 153; the great red dragon, 509; the leopard beast, 521; the scarlet beast, 659; succeeds Grecia, 56; Gibbon’s testimony, id.; interferes in behalf of Egypt, 235; fulfils Daniel 11:14-35, 230: its divided state to continue to the end, 66; a false application, 58-62; growth of, by legacies, 246.DAR 755.59

    Ram, as a symbol, explained, 146.DAR 755.60

    Robbers of God’s people, Romans, Daniel 11:14, 231.DAR 756.1

    Reformation, the great, 263; prophecy of, 518.DAR 756.2

    Russia’s defiance, 284; encroachments, 286.DAR 756.3

    Resurrection, a special, 298-301.DAR 756.4

    Reward of the righteous, 302.DAR 756.5

    Revelation, meaning of, 321; wrong title given to, 323; date of, 337; object of, 324; dedicated to whom, 327; to be understood, 326.DAR 756.6

    Reading of Revelation 1:8, 335.DAR 756.7

    Revelation 12, symbols explained, 509.DAR 756.8

    Religious declension of present day, 612-618.DAR 756.9

    Sacred writings, characteristics of, 24.DAR 756.10

    Successors of Nebuchadnezzar on throne of Babylon, 45, 48DAR 756.11

    “Seven times,” of Daniel 4:16, literal not prophetic; “seven times” of Leviticus 26, not a prophetic period, Appendix II, 736.DAR 756.12

    Startling events in papal history, 144, note.DAR 756.13

    Sanctuary, the, not the earth, 160; not the land of Canaan, 161; not the church, 164; it is, first, the tabernacle of Moses, expanded later into the temple at Jerusalem, 165; secondly, the sanctuary in heaven, 169; how cleansed, 172-176; importance of the subject, 177, 211; in heaven, size and magnificence of, 398.DAR 756.14

    Stand up, meaning of, 222.DAR 756.15

    South, king of the, who, 224, 273.DAR 756.16

    Seleucus, King of Syria, fulfils Daniel 11:5, 225.DAR 756.17

    Seleucus Callinicus plundered by Ptolemy, 227; died in exile, 228.DAR 756.18

    Seleucus Ceraunus and Antiochus Magnus fulfill Daniel 11:10, 228.DAR 756.19

    Scopas defeated by Antiochus, 233.DAR 756.20

    Syria made a Roman province, 234.DAR 756.21

    Siege of Jerusalem by Titus, 251, 252; fulfilled Deuteronomy 28:53, id.DAR 756.22

    Shrinkage of Turkish territory, 289.DAR 756.23

    Seven Spirits, who, 330.DAR 756.24

    Spirit, to be in the, meaning of the expression, 338.DAR 756.25

    Sabbath exists in this dispensation as Lord’s day, 341.DAR 756.26

    Smyrna, meaning of, 354.DAR 756.27

    Sardis, meaning of, 363.DAR 756.28

    Seals, the seven, explained, 402-434.DAR 756.29

    Souls under the altar, who and where, 410.DAR 756.30

    Sun darkened, 418-421.DAR 756.31

    Stars, falling of, 422-426.DAR 756.32

    Signs in sun, moon, and stars, objections answered, 427-432.DAR 756.33

    Seal of God, what, 437-442.DAR 756.34

    Silence in heaven, why, 452.DAR 756.35

    Saracens and Turks, 469.DAR 756.36

    Spiritualism, its place in prophecy, 544.DAR 756.37

    Sabbath, by whom changed, 558.DAR 756.38

    Seventh-day Adventists, papers and books, 625; conferences and missions, id.; how this work is fulfilling the third message, 628.DAR 756.39

    Summary of Sabbath arguments, 629.DAR 756.40

    Smoke going up forever, 681.DAR 756.41

    Saints reign with Christ, 692.DAR 756.42

    The word “king” used for “kingdom,” 52.DAR 756.43

    Toes of the image same as horns of the beast, 63.DAR 756.44

    Ten horns represent the ten kingdoms which arose out of the old Roman empire, 63.DAR 756.45

    The ten kingdoms still in existence in modern Empires, 73.DAR 756.46

    The ten kingdoms, enumeration of, 118, and Appendix III, 737.DAR 756.47

    Thrones cast down, should be rendered “set up,” 119.DAR 756.48

    Third part, refers to divisions of Rome, 457, 458.DAR 756.49

    Titles assumed by the popes, 136.DAR 756.50

    Time, times, and a half, 141.DAR 756.51

    The Judgment set, when, 143.DAR 756.52

    Testimony of Adventists, 195.DAR 756.53

    Time in Daniel 11:24, how reckoned, 246.DAR 756.54

    Triumvirate, who, 247.DAR 756.55

    Two returnings, Daniel 11:28, what, and when, 250.DAR 756.56

    Tripartite division of Rome, 252.DAR 756.57

    Time of papal oppression, 263.DAR 756.58

    Time of the end, when, 264.DAR 756.59

    Turkey declares war against France, 275; fulfils Daniel 11:40-44; 276-280.DAR 756.60

    Turkey’s future, 281-292.DAR 756.61

    Turko-Russian war, 288.DAR 756.62

    Time of Daniel 12:1, 293.DAR 756.63

    Titles of Christ, 330, 331.DAR 756.64

    They which pierced him, who, 333; how these who died so long ago, see Christ at his second advent, 334.DAR 757.1

    Thyatira, meaning of, 359.DAR 757.2

    Two thrones occupied by Christ, 381.DAR 757.3

    Twelve tribes of Israel under the gospel, who, 446.DAR 757.4

    The 144,000, who, 447, 584; include all who die under third message, 634, note.DAR 757.5

    Trumpets, the seven, exposition of, 455-487.DAR 757.6

    Theodoric, the Ostrogoth, 464.DAR 757.7

    The open book, 488.DAR 757.8

    Two-horned beast symbol of America, 528.DAR 757.9

    The coming crisis, 561.DAR 757.10

    The Constitution violated, 574.DAR 757.11

    The danger threatened, 576.DAR 757.12

    Ten virgins, parable of, 593, 599DAR 757.13

    The three messages cumulative, 619.DAR 757.14

    The relative “which” in Revelation 20:4, 693.DAR 757.15

    Two general resurrections, 693.DAR 757.16

    The sea no more, 703.DAR 757.17

    Third heaven, what, 703.DAR 757.18

    The Father’s house, 704.DAR 757.19

    Tree of life illustrated, 717.DAR 757.20

    The general invitation, 722.DAR 757.21

    The French Revolution and our own times, Appendix I, 729.DAR 757.22

    Until, singular use of the word, 31, explains use in Matthew 5:18.DAR 757.23

    Universal empire, meaning of, 45.DAR 757.24

    Vision, wonderful channel of, 221, 323.DAR 757.25

    Vision of Daniel 10, date of, 213.DAR 757.26

    Voice of the great words which the horn spake, 121; gives the beast to the burning flame, id.DAR 757.27

    Veni, vidi, vici, the occasion when written, 238.DAR 757.28

    Winds and sea as symbols, explained, 114.DAR 757.29

    Weeks, the seventy, part of the 2300 days, 192; when to begin, 196; intermediate dates, 201-205: their termination, 207; genuineness of the reading, 2300 days, 207.DAR 757.30

    War between France, Egypt, and Turkey, 273.DAR 757.31

    White stone, custom of, 357.DAR 757.32

    Word of Christ’s patience, what, 368,DAR 757.33

    White raiment, meaning of, 376.DAR 757.34

    Winds, holding of, fulfilled, 444.DAR 757.35

    Witnesses, the two, who, 497-505.DAR 757.36

    War in heaven, when, 513.DAR 757.37

    Wound, deadly, healed, 526.DAR 757.38

    “We grew into empire,” 535.DAR 757.39

    Wine of Babylon, what, 608.DAR 757.40

    Waters, symbolic meaning of, 662.DAR 757.41

    Xerxes, his mighty army, 223.DAR 757.42

    Year-day principle, 197, note.DAR 757.43

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