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    Kabzeel - Kushaiah


    A city of the tribe of Judah Joshua 15:21; 2Samuel 23:20; 1Chronicles 11:22; NAVE .Kabzeel.3


    A city on the southern boundary of Palestine Joshua 15:3; NAVE .Kadesh.3

    Struck down by Chedorlaomer Genesis 14:7; NAVE .Kadesh.4

    Abraham lives beside the wells nearby Genesis 20:1; 14:7; 16:14; NAVE .Kadesh.5

    Israel encamps at Numbers 12:16; 13:26; 20:1; 33:36; NAVE .Kadesh.6

    Canaanites defeated at Joshua 10:41; NAVE .Kadesh.7


    1. A Levite Ezra 2:40; 3:9; Nehemiah 7:43; 12:8,24; NAVE .Kadmiel.3

    2. A Levite who assisted in leading the devotions of the people Nehemiah 9:4; 10:9; NAVE .Kadmiel.4


    A priest Nehemiah 12:20; NAVE .Kallai.3


    1. A brook dividing the territory of Ephraim from the territory of Manasseh Joshua 16:8; 17:9; NAVE .Kanah.3

    2. A town in the territory of the tribe of Asher Joshua 19:28; NAVE .Kanah.4


    Father of Johanan 2Kings 25:23; Jeremiah 40:8; 41:11,13,14,16; NAVE .Kareah.3


    A city of the tribe of Judah Joshua 15:3; NAVE .Karkaa.3


    A city in the territory of the tribe of Gad Judges 8:10; NAVE .Karkor.3


    A city of the tribe of Zebulun Joshua 21:34; NAVE .Kartah.3


    A Levitical city in the territory of the tribe of Naphtali Joshua 21:32; NAVE .Kartan.3


    A city in the territory of the tribe of Zebulun Joshua 19:15; NAVE .Kattath.3


    1. Son of Ishmael Genesis 25:13; 1Chronicles 1:29; NAVE .Kedar.3


    Son of Ishmael Genesis 25:15; 1Chronicles 1:31; NAVE .Kedemah.3


    A city of Moab, allotted to Reuben and the Merarite Levites Joshua 13:18; 1Chronicles 6:79; NAVE .Kedemoth.3

    Encircled by a wilderness of the same name Deuteronomy 2:26; NAVE .Kedemoth.4



    An encampment of Israel Numbers 33:22; NAVE .Kehelathah.3


    2. A descendant of Caleb 1Chronicles 4:19; NAVE .Keilah.3


    A Levite who divorced his Gentile wife after the captivity, and assisted Ezra in expounding the law Ezra 10:23; Nehemiah 8:7; 10:10; NAVE .Kelaiah.3


    1. Son of Nahor Genesis 22:21; NAVE .Kemuel.3

    2. A prince of Ephraim Numbers 34:24; NAVE .Kemuel.4

    3. A Levite 1Chronicles 27:17; NAVE .Kemuel.5



    A city of Gilead Numbers 32:42; 1Chronicles 2:23; NAVE .Kenath.3


    1. Grandson of Esau Genesis 36:11; 1Chronicles 1:36; NAVE .Kenaz.3

    2. A duke of Edom Genesis 36:42; 1Chronicles 1:53; NAVE .Kenaz.4

    3. Brother of Caleb Joshua 15:17; Judges 1:13; 3:9,11; 1Chronicles 4:13; NAVE .Kenaz.5


    1. A Canaanite tribe whose country was given to Abraham Genesis 15:19; Numbers 24:21; NAVE .Kenites.3


    An Edomite tribe whose land was promised to Abraham Genesis 15:19; NAVE .Kenizzites.3



    The youngest daughter of Job Job 42:14; NAVE .Keren-happuch.3


    1. A city of the tribe of Judah Joshua 15:25; NAVE .Kerioth.3


    Wife (concubine) of Abraham Genesis 25:1; 1Chronicles 1:32; NAVE .Keturah.3


    General scriptures concerning Judges 3:25; NAVE .Key.3

    A symbol of authority Isaiah 22:22; Matthew 16:19; Revelation 1:18; 3:7; 9:1; 20:1; NAVE .Key.4

    FIGURATIVE Luke 11:52; NAVE .Key.5


    Second daughter of Job Job 42:14; NAVE .Kezia.3


    A valley and city of the tribe of Benjamin Joshua 18:21; NAVE .Keziz.3


    A station where the Israelites were miraculously fed with quails Numbers 11:31; 33:16,17; Deuteronomy 9:22; NAVE .Kibroth-hattaavah.3


    A Levitical city in the tribe of Ephraim Joshua 21:22; NAVE .Kibzaim.3


    Forbidden Exodus 21:16; Deuteronomy 24:7; NAVE .Kidnapping.3

    INSTANCE OF Judges 21:20; NAVE .Kidnapping.4


    Burnt offering of the Exodus 29:13; Leviticus 4:9; 7:4,5; 8:16; 9:10; Deuteronomy 32:14; NAVE .Kidney.3


    A valley and stream between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives 1Kings 2:37; Nehemiah 2:15; Jeremiah 31:40; NAVE .Kidron.3

    David flees from Absalom across 2Samuel 15:23; NAVE .Kidron.4

    Destruction of idols at, by Asa, Josiah, and the Levites 1Kings 15:13; 2Kings 23:6; 2Chronicles 29:16; NAVE .Kidron.5

    Source of, closed by Hezekiah 2Chronicles 32:4; NAVE .Kidron.6

    Jesus crossed, on the night of his agony John 18:1; NAVE .Kidron.7



    A city of Judah Joshua 15:22; NAVE .Kinah.3


    General scriptures concerning Leviticus 19:34; Deuteronomy 22:1; Psalm 112:5; Proverbs 14:21; 19:22; 31:26; Isaiah 11:13; Zechariah 7:9; Matthew 5:7; 25:34-36; Luke 6:30; Acts 20:35; Romans 12:15; 15:1,2,5; 1Corinthians 13:4; Galatians 6:1; Ephesians 4:32; Colossians 3:12; 1Timothy 5:9; Hebrews 5:2; 1Peter 3:8; 4:8; 2Peter 1:7; 1John 3:17; NAVE .Kindness.3

    Kine (bovine)

    Pharaoh's dream of Genesis 41:2; NAVE .Kine (bovine).3

    FIGURATIVE Amos 4:1; NAVE .Kine (bovine).4


    Called KING OF KINGS Ezra 7:12; Ezekiel 26:7; Daniel 2:37; NAVE .King.3

    Divinely authorized Deuteronomy 17:15; 1Samuel 9:16; 16:12; 1Chronicles 22:10; 2Chronicles 2:11; Proverbs 8:15; Daniel 2:21; 4:17; 5:20; Hosea 8:4; 13:11; NAVE .King.4

    Hereditary succession 2Samuel 7:12; 1Kings 1:28; 2Chronicles 21:3; Psalm 89:35; NAVE .King.5

    Not hereditary 1Chronicles 1:43; NAVE .King.6

    By lot 1Samuel 10:20; NAVE .King.7

    By proclamation 2Samuel 15:10; 1Kings 1:33; 2Kings 9:13; 11:12; NAVE .King.8

    By an oath 2Kings 11:4; NAVE .King.9

    Acts as Judge 2Samuel 8:15; 15:2; 1Kings 10:9; 2Kings 8:1; Psalm 72:1; 122:5; Acts 25:11; NAVE .King.10

    Precepts concerning Deuteronomy 17:14; Proverbs 31:4; Ezekiel 46:16; NAVE .King.11

    Obedience to, enjoined Ecclesiastes 8:2; NAVE .King.12

    Rights and duties of Proverbs 25:2; 29:4,12,14; Jeremiah 21:12; NAVE .King.13

    Exercise executive clemency 1Samuel 11:13; NAVE .King.14

    Constitutional restrictions of Deuteronomy 17:18; 1Samuel 10:24; 2Samuel 5:3; 2Kings 11:12; 2Chronicles 23:11; Jeremiah 34:8; Daniel 6:12; NAVE .King.15

    Religious duties of Ezekiel 45:9; 46:2,4-8; NAVE .King.16

    Deification of Ezekiel 28:2; NAVE .King.17

    Loyalty to, enjoined Proverbs 16:14; Ecclesiastes 10:20; NAVE .King.18

    Respect due to Job 34:18; Isaiah 8:21; Matthew 22:21; Mark 12:17; NAVE .King.19

    Plunder 2Samuel 12:30; 1Chronicles 26:27; 2Chronicles 24:23; NAVE .King.20

    Tariff on imports, and internal revenue on merchandise 1Kings 10:15; NAVE .King.21

    Taxes 2Samuel 20:24; 1Kings 12:18; 2Chronicles 17:11; NAVE .King.22

    Poll tax Matthew 17:24; NAVE .King.23

    Presents 1Samuel 10:27; 16:20; 2Samuel 8:2; 1Kings 10:2; 2Chronicles 9:24; Psalm 72:10; NAVE .King.24

    Commissary of 1Kings 4:7; 1Chronicles 27:25; 2Chronicles 26:10; 32:28,29; NAVE .King.25

    Extensive livestock of Judges 12:14; 1Kings 1:33; 4:26; 10:25; 2Chronicles 9:24; Esther 6:8; NAVE .King.26

    Drunkenness of, forbidden Proverbs 31:4; NAVE .King.27

    Drunken, instances of Hosea 7:5; NAVE .King.28

    Baasha 1Kings 16:9; NAVE .King.29

    Ben-hadad 1Kings 20:16; NAVE .King.30

    Belshazzar Daniel 5:1; NAVE .King.31

    Ahasuerus Esther 1:7; 5:6; 7:2; NAVE .King.32

    Prayer for Ezra 6:10; NAVE .King.33

    Prayer for, enjoined 1Timothy 2:1; NAVE .King.34

    Decrees of, irrevocable Esther 8:8; Daniel 6:8; NAVE .King.35

    Chronicles of, recorded 1Kings 11:41; 14:19; 2Kings 21:25; 1Chronicles 9:1; 27:24; 29:29; 2Chronicles 9:29; 12:15; 20:34; 26:22; 32:32; Ezra 5:17; Esther 6:1; NAVE .King.36

    Kingdom Of Heaven

    'My kingdom is not of this world,' John 18:36; NAVE .Kingdom Of Heaven.3

    Children of the Matthew 18:3; 19:14; Mark 10:14; Luke 18:16; NAVE .Kingdom Of Heaven.4

    Rich people cannot enter Matthew 19:23; Mark 10:23; Luke 18:24; NAVE .Kingdom Of Heaven.5

    Keys of Matthew 16:19; NAVE .Kingdom Of Heaven.6

    Good news of Luke 8:1; NAVE .Kingdom Of Heaven.7

    Mysteries of Luke 8:10; NAVE .Kingdom Of Heaven.8

    Does not consist of meat and drink Romans 14:17; NAVE .Kingdom Of Heaven.9

    Kingdom Of Satan

    General scriptures concerning Matthew 12:26; NAVE .Kingdom Of Satan.3

    King's Dale

    General scriptures concerning Genesis 14:17; 2Samuel 18:18; NAVE .King's Dale.3


    The inhabitants of Damascus carried into captivity to, by the king of Assyria 2Kings 16:9; NAVE .Kir.3

    Prophecies concerning Isaiah 22:6; Amos 1:5; 9:7; NAVE .Kir.4


    A city of Moab 2Kings 3:25; Isaiah 16:7; Jeremiah 48:31; NAVE .Kir-haraseth.3

    Called KIR OF MOAB Isaiah 15:1; NAVE .Kir-haraseth.4



    2. A Levitical city in territory of the tribe of Naphtali 1Chronicles 6:76; NAVE .Kirjathaim.3


    An early name of HEBRON Genesis 23:2; Joshua 14:15; Judges 1:10; NAVE .Kirjath-arba.3


    A residence of Balak Numbers 22:39; NAVE .Kirjath-huzoth.3


    Inhabitants of, who were not struck down, on account of the covenant made by the Israelites with the Gibeonites, but put under servitude Joshua 9:17; 9:3-27; NAVE .Kirjath-jearim.3

    In the territory allotted to Judah Joshua 15:9; 18:14; NAVE .Kirjath-jearim.4

    The Philistines bring the ark of the covenant to 1Samuel 6:21; 6:1-21; NAVE .Kirjath-jearim.5

    The ark of the covenant remains for twenty years at 1Samuel 7:1; 1Chronicles 13:5; NAVE .Kirjath-jearim.6

    David brings the ark of the covenant from 2Samuel 6:1; 1Chronicles 13:5; 2Chronicles 1:4; NAVE .Kirjath-jearim.7

    Inhabitants of, who were taken into captivity to Babylon, returned Ezra 2:25; Nehemiah 7:29; NAVE .Kirjath-jearim.8

    Urijah, the prophet, an inhabitant of Jeremiah 26:20; NAVE .Kirjath-jearim.9


    A city of the tribe of Judah Joshua 15:49; NAVE .Kirjath-sannah.3


    General scriptures concerning Joshua 15:15; NAVE .Kirjath-sepher.3


    2. A Benjamite 1Chronicles 8:30; 9:36; NAVE .Kish.3

    3. A Levite 1Chronicles 23:21; 24:29; NAVE .Kish.4

    4. A Levite 2Chronicles 29:12; NAVE .Kish.5

    5. Great grandfather of Mordecai Esther 2:5; NAVE .Kish.6


    Father of Ethan, a chief assistant in the temple music 1Chronicles 6:44; 15:17; NAVE .Kishi.3



    Sisera defeated at, and his army destroyed in Judges 4:7; 5:21; Psalm 83:9; NAVE .Kishon.3

    Prophets of Baal destroyed by Elijah at 1Kings 18:40; NAVE .Kishon.4


    Of affection Genesis 27:26; 31:55; 33:4; 48:10; 50:1; Exodus 18:7; 1:14; 2Samuel 14:33; 19:39; Luke 15:20; Acts 20:37; NAVE .Kiss.3

    The feet of Jesus kissed by the penitent woman Luke 7:38; NAVE .Kiss.4

    Deceitful Proverbs 27:6; NAVE .Kiss.5

    Of Joab, when he killed Amasa 2Samuel 20:9; NAVE .Kiss.6

    Of Judas, when he betrayed Jesus Matthew 26:48; Luke 22:48; NAVE .Kiss.7

    The holy Romans 16:16; 2Corinthians 13:12; 1Thessalonians 5:26; 1Peter 5:14; NAVE .Kiss.8


    A bird forbidden as food Leviticus 11:14; Deuteronomy 14:13; NAVE .Kite.3


    A city of the tribe of Judah Joshua 15:40; NAVE .Kithlish.3


    A city of the tribe of Zebulun Judges 1:30; NAVE .Kitron.3



    General scriptures concerning Exodus 8:3; 12:34; Deuteronomy 28:5; NAVE .Kneading-trough.3


    An edged tool used by Abraham in offering Isaac Genesis 22:6; NAVE .Knife.3

    Of the temple, returned from Babylon Ezra 1:9; NAVE .Knife.4

    Used for sharpening pens Jeremiah 36:23; NAVE .Knife.5

    Self-flagellation with, in idolatrous worship 1Kings 18:28; NAVE .Knife.6


    Of good and evil Genesis 2:9; 3:22; NAVE .Knowledge.3

    Is power Proverbs 3:20; 24:5; NAVE .Knowledge.4

    Desire for 1Kings 3:9; Psalm 119:66; Proverbs 12:1; 15:14; 18:15; NAVE .Knowledge.5

    Rejected Hosea 4:6; NAVE .Knowledge.6

    Those who reject are destroyed Hosea 4:6; NAVE .Knowledge.7

    Fools hate Proverbs 1:22; NAVE .Knowledge.8

    A divine gift 1Corinthians 12:8; NAVE .Knowledge.9

    Is pleasant Proverbs 2:10; NAVE .Knowledge.10

    Shall be increased Daniel 12:4; NAVE .Knowledge.11

    The earth shall be full of Isaiah 11:9; NAVE .Knowledge.12

    The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of Proverbs 1:7; NAVE .Knowledge.13

    Of more value than gold Proverbs 8:10; NAVE .Knowledge.14

    The priest's lips should keep Malachi 2:7; NAVE .Knowledge.15

    Of salvation Luke 1:77; NAVE .Knowledge.16

    Key of Luke 11:52; NAVE .Knowledge.17

    'Now we know in part' 1Corinthians 13:9; NAVE .Knowledge.18

    Of God more than burnt offering Hosea 6:6; NAVE .Knowledge.19

    Of Christ Philippians 3:8; NAVE .Knowledge.20


    A symbolical term in Ezekiel 23:23; NAVE .Koa.3


    Son of Levi Genesis 46:11; Exodus 6:16; NAVE .Kohath.3

    Grandfather of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam Numbers 26:58; NAVE .Kohath.4

    Father of the Kohathites, one of the divisions (shifts) of the Levites Exodus 6:18; Numbers 3:19; NAVE .Kohath.5


    1. A Benjamite and ancestor of Sallu Nehemiah 11:7; NAVE .Kolaiah.3

    2. Father of the false prophet Ahab Jeremiah 29:21; NAVE .Kolaiah.4


    1. A son of Esau Genesis 36:5; NAVE .Korah.3

    3. Son of Hebron 1Chronicles 2:43; NAVE .Korah.4


    1. A Korahite 1Chronicles 9:19; 26:1; NAVE .Kore.3

    2. A Levite, keeper of the east gate 2Chronicles 31:14; NAVE .Kore.4



    Head of the seventh division priests 1Chronicles 24:10; NAVE .Koz.3

    Descendants of, excluded from because of defective genealogies Ezra 2:61; Nehemiah 7:63; NAVE .Koz.4

    Repaired walls of Jerusalem Nehemiah 3:4; NAVE .Koz.5


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