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The Gift of Prophecy (The Role of Ellen White in God’s Remnant Church) - Contents
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    Ellen G. White books

    AA The Acts of the ApostlesGP 10.6

    CD Counsel on Diet and FoodsGP 10.7

    CM Colporteur MinistryGP 10.8

    COL Christ’s Object LessonsGP 10.9

    CW Counsel to Writers andEditorsGP 10.10

    DA The Desire of Ages GP 10.11

    Ed Education GP 10.12

    Ev Evangelism GP 10.13

    EW Early WritingsGP 10.14

    FE Fundamentals of Christian Education GP 10.15

    FLB The Faith I Live ByGP 10.16

    GW Gospel Workers GP 10.17

    HP In Heavenly Places GP 10.18

    LS Life Sketches of Ellen G. WhiteGP 10.19

    LDE Last Day EventsGP 10.20

    Mar MaranathaGP 10.21

    MH The Ministry of HealingGP 10.22

    MM Medical MinistryGP 10.23

    MR Manuscript Releases (21 volumes)GP 10.24

    PK Prophets and Kings GP 10.25

    PP Patriarchs and ProphetsGP 10.26

    RC Reflecting Christ GP 10.27

    SC Steps to Christ GP 10.28

    SG Spiritual Gifts (4 volumes)GP 10.29

    SM Selected Messages (3 volumes) GP 10.30

    SpM Spaulding-Magan collectionGP 10.31

    GC The Great ControversyGP 10.32

    SR The Story of RedemptionGP 10.33

    T Testimonies for the Church (9 volumes) GP 10.34

    TM Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers GP 10.35

    YRP Ye Shall Recieve PowerGP 10.36

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