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    That this wonderful beast is a symbol of the United States is certain, from the following facts:FT 51.1

    1. The manner in which it is introduced. “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth.” Verse 2. All other symbolic beasts came up out of the sea, amidst the dashing waves of aggressive wars and political strife. Their territory is the eastern continent, and of course, the “earth” territory must be the western continent.”FT 51.2

    The prophet saw the papal beast go into “captivity,” and at the same time saw the two-horned beast “coming up.”FT 52.1

    J. LITCH, says:FT 52.2

    “The two-horned beast is represented as a power existing and performing his part after the death and revival of the first beast.” Restitution, p 131.FT 52.3

    J. WESLEY, in 1750, speaking of the two-horned beast, says:FT 52.4

    “He has not yet come, though he cannot be far off; for he is to appear at the end of the forty-two months of the first beast.” Notes on Revelation 13.FT 52.5

    When did the first beast go into captivity?FT 52.6

    ANS. “On the 10th of Feb., 1798, the French army under Berthier, entered Rome, took the Pope and the cardinal prisoners. Within a week Pius VI, was deposed. Pius VI, died in captivity.—The papal independence was abolished by France, and the son of Napoleon was declared King of Rome. Their’s French Revolution, Vol. iv, p 256.FT 52.7

    That the United States were in their infancy, only just “coming up” in 1798 the following testimonies amply prove.FT 52.8

    A writer in the Dublin Nation, says:FT 52.9

    “In the west an opposing and still more wonderful American empire is EMERGING. We Islanders have no conception of the extraordinary events which, amid the silence of the earth, are daily adding to the power and pride of this gigantic nation. Within three years territory more extensive than these three kingdoms, France and Italy put together, have been quietly and in almost ‘matter of course’ fashion annexed to the Union.FT 52.10

    “Within seventy years, seventeen new sovereignties, the smallest of them larger than Great Britain, have peaceably united themselves to the Federation.”FT 53.1

    Compare the census report of 1972 and1855
    Population of U.S., 3,000,000, 27,114,287
    Population of Boston, 18,000, 162,629
    Population of Philadelphia, 42,000, 487,500
    Population of N.Y. City, 30,000, 689,810
    United States Imports, $31,000,000, $261,468,520
    United States Exports, $26,000,000, $275,156,846
    Sq. Miles territory, 800,000, 3,300,000
    Miles of Railroad, —, 19,834
    Miles of Telegraph, —, 35,000
    Number of Post Offices, 200, 24,410
    Amount of Postage, $100,000, $7,335,177

    MITCHELL, on the United States, says:FT 53.2

    “When it is considered that one hundred years ago the inhabitants numbered but 1,000,000, it presents the most striking instance of national growth to be found in the history of mankind.”—School Geography, p 101, Fourth Revised Edition.FT 53.3

    The American minister to England, at a dinner on the 4th of July, said:FT 53.4

    “The American republic at the time of its birth was a puny creature, sickly, feeble, and diminutive. It then contained 2,500,000 souls. The population is now 27,000,000. The territory was then a margin of the Atlantic. It is now an immense continent. Our wealth was then comparative poverty, while our resources are now actually exhaustless.”FT 53.5

    It is stated that:FT 53.6

    “About a century ago, Benjamin Franklin, the Post Master General of the American colonies by appointment of the crown, made his official inspection of the principal routes in his gig; and when holding the same office under the authority of Congress, a small folio containing three quires of paper, lasted as his account book for two years. Now it would require six years of incessant railroad traveling, at the rate of one hundred and twenty-five miles daily, to pass over the routes; while the post office accounts consume every two years 3,000 of largest sized ledgers, keeping one hundred clerks constantly employed in recording transactions with 30,000 contractors, and others.”FT 53.7

    The Boston Transcript, says:FT 54.1

    “The superficial area of the Union amounts to two millions nine hundred and thirty-six thousand one hundred and sixty-six square miles. At the close of the Revolutionary war in 1783, the limits of the United States did not exceed 820,680 square miles. Louisiana, purchased in 1803, had an extent of 899,579 square miles, or more territory than was included in the original States. By the addition of Florida, Texas and New Mexico, more territory was secured than the whole original extent of the United States, so that since the peace of 1783 the country has increased in size more than three fold. The American Republic has a territorial extent nearly ten times as large as that of Great Britain and France combined.”FT 54.2

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