Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 105

MR No. 1013—The Newcastle and Brighton Camp Meetings in New South Wales

Newcastle has been considered the hardest place where we could begin to labor, but during our camp meeting we had special evidence that the Spirit of the Lord had prepared the way before us. There has been nothing like it in our entire experience. There was such perfect order among those who came to the grounds. There was very little of the usual strolling about the grounds for sightseeing. There was no murmuring or complaining. There seemed to be a holy hush, a quietude, upon the entire encampment.

The ground was large, containing about five acres, with a piece of brush at one side. From the brush there ascended many earnest prayers from ministers and church members.

We had our old family tent which we purchased from Brother Hickox at the Brighton camp meeting. This was occupied by members of my family. We also had a dining tent and a cooking tent. W. C. White had a tent on the ground. We also had two pleasant rooms about two minutes’ walk from the ground. I had one of these, and the other was occupied by W. C., May, and the twins. The measles was prevalent, and W. C.’s family were attacked. All who came to the campground had to return home. W. C. himself was threatened. But by the last week of the meeting the trouble was over, and the whole family were on the campground.

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