Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 148

MR No. 1020—Message to a Sinner: Look to Jesus, and Live!

Dear Brother,

I cannot forbear writing to you. I knew your countenance as you were seated in the tent at my right hand on the Sabbath [September 13, 1891] at Colorado Springs. The Lord has presented your case before me as one who was in need of that help which God alone could give you. I heard words of hopelessness and despair coming from your lips. I heard wicked words, blasphemous words. Said Jesus, as He looked upon you piteously, “These are not the words of the man, but the words of the spirit that has possessed him. God will heal him. He has gone far in resisting the Spirit of God, but Jesus is drawing him by the tender cords of His love. He has separated from God, but God has not separated from him. Through a train of circumstances he has lost confidence in himself, in his best friends, and turned from light to darkness, from truth to error, and has been left to feel his own weakness.”

You were the very one I was shown who was under the power of demons. “When this young man gives himself to Christ, the victory is gained.” Said the heavenly voice, “Break with the deceiver. He is deluding your soul to your ruin. He will not let you go; only the power of the Mighty Deliverer can save you.” Charge not my precious loving Saviour with your unhappiness and your ruin. The storm of temptation has swayed you like a reed in the wind, and through these bitter and almost overwhelming storms you have clung to your mantle of pride, hugging it closer about you. Prostrated in the dust, you are apparently devoid of willpower, without strength to rise. No

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