Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 226

MR No. 1034—An Appeal to Help SDA Institutions in Europe

I am troubled in regard to the situation of our sanitarium in Denmark. My mind is greatly stirred. I have not time now to write to you as fully as I shall try to do as soon as I can.

There must be a decided movement on the part of our American brethren to relieve the situation, and there must also be decided action on the part of our Scandinavian brethren. Now is the time for the churches in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden to come up to the help of the Lord.

Often when one comes into perplexities that are of a trying character, and [the person] is at the foot of the hill, in need of strong helpers to cooperate in pulling up the load, much time is wasted in criticizing and scolding and fretting. But this does not move the load. The one who feels the pressure most severely needs not and deserves not the censure. It might more appropriately fall upon men who have sacrificed principle. But even then it might be inappropriate. The first thought should be, How can we all unite in helping to lift the load? There is too much at stake to run the risk of delay.

Let all who love God and His cause come to the rescue of His institutions in Europe. I am stirred by the Spirit of the Lord to sound an alarm for Christ's sake, and remind those who profess to believe the Word of God

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