Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 230

MR No. 1035—Giving to Enlarge God's Work; Concern for Sara McEnterfer's Eyes

I am feeling quite well this morning. Yesterday I was strengthened to speak for one hour at the Sanitarium. I spoke from the third chapter of Malachi, and the Lord gave me freedom. The chapel was well filled, and all listened attentively. Dores took down my talk, and it will be written out as soon as he can get time. I spoke of the needs of the work in Washington, and of the importance of our now doing our best to advance the work there, that unbelievers may see that, having begun the work, we are able to finish it. I also mentioned the calls that are constantly coming in from foreign fields for men and means with which to carry on the work.

After I had finished, Elder Taylor spoke a few words. He said that after such a discourse, it would be but appropriate to respond by taking up a collection for the work in Washington. I did not stay till the close of the meeting, but I heard afterward that a contribution of $190 was taken up. We have decided that it shall be made up to $200.

A week ago Elder Irwin spoke at the Sanitarium on the needs of the mission work in the Malay Islands, where Elder Munson is working. He did not ask for a contribution, but $25 was raised for him.

We all feel greatly cheered and encouraged by the result of yesterday's meeting. I am none the worse for speaking, but really feel stronger.

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