Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Page 371

MR No. 1072—Principles of Healthful Living

(Written May 10, 1888, from Healdsburg, California, to Brethren Caldwell and Gibbs. [J. E. Caldwell and J. S. Gibbs were physicians on the staff of the Rural Health Retreat in St. Helena, california.])

There is a large field for you to work in. Both of you can give short lectures in the parlor at stated times, which will be select but plain, upon the human body and how to treat this wonderful house the Lord has given us, which will aid you in your work as physicians as nothing else can. The people are ignorant, and need to be enlightened on almost every point of how to treat their own bodies. Then there will not need to be a dwelling upon the delicate diseases nearly as much.

Tell those who are sick that if the hosts of those who are dyspeptics and consumptives could turn farmers they might overcome disease, dispense with drugs and doctors, and recover health. But farmers themselves must get educated to give heed to the laws of life and health by regulating their labor, even if there is some loss in their grain or the harvesting of crops. Farmers work too hard and too constantly, and violate the laws of God in their physical nature. This is the worst kind of economy. For a day he may accomplish more, yet in the end he is a loser by his ill management of himself....

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